Worm Activities

Little boys and many adventurous girls love investigating worms!  These squirmy activities are perfect for this time of year with April showers bringing many critters to our outside gardens.

Before starting any activities, enjoy a few books featuring worms.  Here are a couple of our favorites..

worm books
Would your little one eat worms for lunch?  Be sure to serve gummy worms after reading this fun book- Worms for Lunch by Leonid Gore .  We love the illustrations and reading about the different animals and what they like to eat.
worm activities

What would it feel like to be a worm for a day?  Find out by reading life from a worm’s  perspective in this humorous book- Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

preschool activities

Activities with Gummy Worms
1. Counting– Add and subtract the worms
2. Measure the worms
3. Sort by color. How many red worms are there? How many green?  Are they more red or green?
4. Using a small plastic container, cut out holes, have your little guy pick up the worms chopsticks and try to put the gummy worms in the holes for a fun fine-motor challenge.
5. Have your little one cook create dirt with pudding and chocolate cookie crumbs and top it off with some of the gummy worms!

After a rainy day, be sure to go outside and explore real worms with your kids.  Don’t forget your magnifying glass!

Written by Jen


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