Learn and Play with Your 24 Month Old

I can barely believe that my itty bitty boy is almost TWO!  We’ve had such a fun year of playing and learning; here’s what Mr. Busy Body did this month!
activities for 24 month old
G doesn’t go to preschool yet but I take him to a weekly tumbling class.  It’s great to develop his gross motor skills (lots of jumping, rolling, and attempted tumbling), PLUS he gets to be around tots exactly his age.  An added bonus is social fun for mama, too.  We go through our city’s parks and recreation department because the classes are SO reasonably priced!

24 month old activities

Easter may be over but the egg hunts don’t have to be!  Have you kept out some eggs?  Keep hiding them and keep searching!  G loves when we give him clues, such as, “Look UNDER the couch!”  It’s a great way to teach directional words and following directions!

toddler games
Play dough to an almost two year old is still magical.  It’s just messy enough for me to handle multiple times a day and there’s so many ways to switch it up.  Cookie cutters, small toys or objects, or even birthday candles are fun additions to make the play last longer.
24 month old activity
Looking for an advanced way to hone those fine motor skills?  Get out a game of Cootie!  Most of the pieces have to go in at an angle and G will stay SO focused to get those pieces in JUST the right way!
24 month old activities

Stickers are so easy, so fun, and so cheap.  I can hand him a sheet and they will keep him focused and entertained (especially at restaurants or doctor appointments!).  I always try to pick up a couple packs when I’m at the Dollar Tree.

toddler activities
 Our friends bought a Strider bike for their three year old and G loves playing on it!  He was especially thrilled when we were at an expo recently that had a LOT of different ones for him to try.  They improve your child’s balance and aids in future bike riding.  They are a little pricey, but even my 5 year old likes to race around on it!
toddler ipad games

G loves playing on the iPad and we are still exploring new app options.  So far, his favorite are ANY of the (free) Fisher-Price ones.  There are ones about colors, shapes, letters, and animal sounds and he loves them all!

toddler games
He wants to use these chopsticks so badly so we’ve been practicing with lots of hand-over-hand learning (well, as much as he’ll let me!).  Putting small objects, like these counting bears, is a great activity to teach one-to-one correspondence, too!
toddler busy bag
And what could appeal more to a boy than hammering (safe!) objects?!  The styrofoam block is from the dollar spot and the plastic hammer is compliments of Fisher-Price.  He LOVES (I mean seriously, LOVES) to hammer those golf tees in the block.  A little bit harder?  Removing the tees!Written by Jill

Lots of fun, hands on activities for this age group keep their minds occupied and their bodies busy!

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