Learning with Stamps

Learning with Stamps
Stamp sets can be so much fun to get creative with! Create a scene, tell a story, or just decorate any way you want. Stamps can also be turned into a fun learning activity.
Learning with Stamps
Stamp the Pattern – Stamp a pattern and have your child use the stamps to continue the pattern. For example, crown, princess, crown, princess, crown, what comes next? Or princess, princess, castle, princess, princess, what comes next?
Cut – After you stamp and complete the patterns, use them for cutting practice. Cut in between each stamp.
Sort – On a large sheet of paper, stamp one of each picture. Sort the pictures you’ve cut onto the sorting mat.
1 Set of Stamps = 3 Fun Activities Full of Learning!
Other Ideas for Stamps:
  • Make a Memory Game
  • Stamp the pictures. Write the letter each starts with.
  • Write a number on a piece of paper. Put that many stamps on the page.
  • Stamp the pictures, biggest to smallest.
  • Use stamps for beginning addition equations.



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