Alphabet Crafts

alphabet crafts

I put together a collection of black and white alphabet pictures from A-Z (source: to use for alphabet crafts.

alphabet crafts

Alphabet Pictures A-Z (printable)

There are so many ways you can use these pictures!

  • Cut letters out of magazines (or cut words out of magazines and give your child a chance to cut the letters out themselves). Then, glue them onto the picture that starts with that letter. (pictured above)
  • You can print them all and make an alphabet book! Color the pictures and write the letter and/or word on each page.
  • Use extra letter stickers from your scrapbooking materials and stick them on the picture that starts with that letter.
  • Decorate and cut out a picture. Attach the picture to a strip of paper that fits around your child’s head to make a hat or crown. Wear an alphabet hat to celebrate a letter of the day.
  • Sort and match your letter magnets to the pictures.



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    I love this idea. I’ve pinned it and downloaded the pictures for my little boy. Thanks for putting in the effort. He’ll be my 7th to be teaching how to read – a fresh idea is nice. 🙂

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