Nativity Shape Craft (printable)

Download the Nativity Shape Craft Printable

Christmastime is here!  I’m loving doing Advent activities with my daughter these days, and especially being able to share with her the story of Christmas.  We haven’t quite jumped into shapes yet, but she is curious about them and loves playing with her shape puzzles.

I originally intended this to be a craft for her, but after making it I see it can be a good puzzle activity to reuse as well!

Simply download and cut out the colored version of the Nativity shapes (or if you have a preschooler who is working on their cutting skills, let them do the big pieces!) and glue them onto the page with the traced shapes.

nativity shape craft 1

In our case, I tried to give my 18 month old a piece with glue on it and showed her where to put it and then let her put it down like a sticker.  That worked for about one piece, then she got really interested in the glue stick!  So it turned into a glueing lesson as well – she did surprisingly well for her first attempt!

nativity shape craft 2       nativity shape craft 3

If you would rather use it as a reusable activity, cut out (and possibly laminate) the colored pieces and laminate or place the traced shapes page into a page protector.

The traced shapes page could also be used as a coloring page, or even a color-by-shape activity.  (Ex: Color all the rectangles brown.)

Here’s the finished product!  We may make a couple of these to embellish wrapped grandparent Christmas gifts!

nativity shape craft 4
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    • Nicole says

      Oh I love yours too! I like the way yours can be open ended for creativity! So glad you stopped by and shared the link.

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