Christmas Tree Push Box (printable)

This activity is a great way to work on fine motor skills with your toddler while giving them a Christmas tree they can actually play with!

Christmas Tree Push Box

Supplies Needed:

  • Shoebox (Toddler size was perfect, but you could use any size)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors and tape
  • Christmas Tree Printable
  • Glue (I used rubber cement)
  • Craft knife
  1. Wrap your shoe box lid and box separately, so you can still open and close the box.
  2. Print out the Christmas Tree Printable and glue it to the box lid.
  3. Use the craft knife to cut out the smaller inside circles on the printable.
  4. When your toddler is ready to play, give them craft poms in the colors of the “ornaments” and let them enjoy pushing the poms into the holes of the box.  For older toddlers you can encourage them to put the colors in the correct holes, or just let them play!

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Push Box Printable


Written by Alicia



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