Kids’ Gift Wrapping Station


A kids’ gift wrapping station is the perfect way for children to be a part of wrapping, decorating, and creating this holiday season.

My kids love making and wrapping little notes and pictures for their friends and family so I organized an area for them to put the finishing touches on their gifts.

What to Include:  

cards and envelopes

gift wrap (pre-cut pieces that were left over from my wrapping)


kid friendly tape


markers and crayons



  • Make a sign with common words to help with spelling such as Merry Christmas, I Love You, To, From, and family names.
  • Have a plan for clean up and trash like a small garbage can near by.
  • Getting the tab off of the back of the bow has been tricky for little fingers.

They have already filled the area under the tree with gifts they are so excited and proud to give!



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