Lego Dice Game (printable)

lego bump and freeze


Your preschooler wil love this Lego Dice Game and you will love how it sneaks in a little counting practice at the same time!

Lego Bump and Freeze


  • Lego Dice Game (printable)
  • 24 legos (2 different colors, 12 each)
  • dice

How to Play:

  • Player 1 rolls the die and puts one of their Legos on the number they rolled.
  • Player 2 rolls the die and puts one of their Legos on the number they rolled.
  • If you roll a number that the other player already has a single Lego on, you bump off their block and put yours on the number.
  • If you roll a number that you already have one of your Legos on, you stack a second Lego on top of that number. That number is now frozen and your blocks can’t be bumped off by another player.
  • If you roll a number that already has 2 Legos on it, that number is already considered frozen and your turn is over.
  • When all of the numbers are frozen, the game is over. The player that froze the most numbers wins!

Printable Bump and Freeze


Download and Print Lego Bump and Freeze

Clipart by The 3 am Teacher

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  1. Naomi Wentworth says:

    This is great!! My son is really into legos right now!

  2. This looks like a great rainy day activity, thank you for sharing.

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    Two of my daughters are going to glue this onto a stiff piece of cardboard, modge podge over it and then give it to one of their younger brothers for his birthday.


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