Heart Lacing

Heart Lacing


I love this heart lacing activity and the kids did too!

All you need is a handful of foam heart stickers and a couple of pipe cleaners.  Punch a hole in each of the foam heart stickers and you are ready.

I set them out and it wasn’t long before both kids jumped in to join the fun.


  • Sort and lace the colors (red on one pipe cleaner, pink on the other)
  • Lace patterns (red, pink, red, pink or red, red, pink, red, red, pink)
  • Count and lace (How many hearts can fit on your pipe cleaner? Can you lace 10 hearts?)
  • Make bracelets
  • Make a heart sculpture (bend and twist your pipe cleaners together)

Heart Lacing


  1. says

    Great idea! This is perfect for my little one who loves the idea of lacing but isn’t quite ready to handle lacing in the “traditional” sense with a shoelace. Definitely pinning for use in the next couple weeks! 🙂

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