Foam Easter Eggs

Window Painting


For the whole month of April my kids have decorating eggs on the brain! They can’t get enough.┬áThese foam Easter egg decorations are the perfect supplement to dying and decorating real eggs.

Foam Easter Eggs on the Window

Materials: craft foam, scissors, water, paint brush

  1. Cut out foam Easter eggs from craft foam.
  2. Cut out other random shapes to decorate the eggs with such as lines, circles, hearts, triangles, etc. The kids enjoy doing or helping with this step!
  3. Paint water on the window and stick the egg to it.
  4. Paint the water on the shapes or on the egg and decorate the eggs by sticking the shapes on. Does it stick better if you paint the water on each piece or on the egg? It turned into an experiment for us.
  5. Move, change, and redecorate the eggs. That is the beauty of this activity!
  6. This is also a fun activity to try in the bath tub.

Easter Decorations


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