ABC Yoga

Yoga Kids


I wanted to try to do something active with the kids but not have to leave the house! I found this ABC yoga DVD and it’s been a huge hit! The kids have asked to do yoga 3 days in a row and it’s been really fun to see them improve.

ABC Yoga


Each letter has a pose, and either an animal or a short story that goes with it. They have kids in the video doing the poses along with an adult teacher.

ABC Yoga 4


Some are more challenging than others, but both my 3 ½ year old and 5 ½ year old seem really interested in trying to master each pose. I like that they add tips like “V=volcano, and this pose is great to do when you are feeling angry.”

ABC Yoga 3


It ends with Z= zig zag breathing…make a zig zag by lying on each other’s tummy and concentrating on breathing. I like that it ends by calming them down!

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