Toddler Painting

Painting is one of our VERY favorite activities in this house!  We love a good set of watercolors but we also like to get creative.  Here are some of our favorite ways to paint!
Toddler Painting
painting 1
This one is a sneaky learning activity and craft all rolled into one!  I draw some lines (these inadvertently turned into snowflakes!) and provide Q-tips and daubers (stroll down the paint aisle at the craft store!).  My kiddos try and paint/dab ON the lines.  Great for fine motor and great for painting!
painting 2
Finger painting is always fun but how about finger painting on SAND paper?!  I always grab a pack of sand paper at the Dollar Tree because it’s so versatile and great for sensory learners.
painting 3
Easter may be over but I scoop up bags of clearanced plastic eggs to use as an exploration of circles!  My little guy, G, loves stamping the egg halves onto paper or canvases.
painting 4
It’s another fine motor activity!  I have G (age 2) pinch a pompom with his clothespin.  Then, he dips the pompom into paint and stamps!  Super fun and puts those pincer muscles to work.
painting 5
Grab some cookie trays next time you’re at the Dollar Tree.  You won’t regret it!  I tape a piece of construction paper onto the tray (a box would work, too) and drop a paint-soaked marble in the middle.  Your child can gently rock and roll the marble all over to create a cool design.  Get wild and add a few marbles!
painting 6
Paint with unconventional items, too!  We like corks or…
painting 7
Toilet brushes!  Clean, of course, and only a dollar the Dollar Tree!
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