Treasure Hunt for Kids

Kids love treasure hunts!  Even with the simplest of prizes, the excitement of clues and racing around keeps them asking for more.

Treasure Hunt for Kids

I’ve made a DIY treasure hunt before and it was fun, but it took some planning and organization which made me not want to create one at the spur of the moment very often.

Treasure Hunt Problem: The planning and organization it takes to create a treasure hunt and hide the clues.

Treasure Hunt Solution:

Treasure Hunt for Kids


My FAVORITE part about is the “Where to hide the clues” page that prints in addition to your clues. (pictured above) was created by a Dad who wanted to make it easy for parents to put together a Treasure Hunt for Kids quickly and effortlessly.

Treasure Hunt for Kids

With you simply:

  1. Pick the locations (from a list) to hide the clues
  2. Pick a Design
  3. Choose the way you want the clues displayed (there are many puzzle options available to make it challenging for children of all ages – Mirror Image Clues pictured).
  4. Print the clues and even a page telling you where to hide each clue.
  5. You can make different sets of clues for each team which makes it ideal for:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Playgroups
  • Youth Group Meetings
  • Family Reunions
  • Classroom Parties

The possibilities are endless!

Treasure Hunt for Kids

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    Great read! I really enjoyed it. Yes I wholeheartedly agree with you that kids love treasure hunts. These kind of activities helps kids in their academics also. Thanks for sharing!

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