The Christmas Tradition I Wish I Didn’t Start

Christmas Tradition

This time of year is full of Christmas traditions. It is a busy time, a special time, a time of memories and fun!

When I think back to when my children were really little, I remember wanting to create family traditions that we could continue year after year. Something they would ask about every year and have fond memories of. So I did. Some traditions we have are awesome and will continue and there are some that I can’t wait to discontinue.

B is 9 1/2 and N is 6 1/2 and there is one Christmas tradition I wish I NEVER started!

elf on the shelf

I know! I know! It’s SO fun! How can I say that?

The truth is, it IS fun. It WAS fun for us the first year or two (we had more fun setting up each night than the kids did). We even posted fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas 4 years ago. But now, I’m over it. I don’t want to use my energy setting him up and the truth is I even forget to do it A LOT! What is the point? It’s fun! Yes, a candy cane is fun too.

The problem now is that I’m stuck, stuck keeping this tradition alive until they are older and know more.

My point is if you haven’t started it, DON’T!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my favorite Christmas tradition that is simple, quick, and an awesome keepsake.


  1. Sara says

    My husband and I totally agree! We had some single ladies at our house and my girls were showing them where our elf was that day and I told them to very carefully think about the traditions they start when they start their families because once you start you can’t stop!

    • Audrey says

      Just tell your kids that the elf is playing at someone else’s house this year, lol. I knew it was something I couldn’t add to my list and I’m glad I didn’t. It is okay to break traditions, I’ve done it and my kids are perfectly fine.

  2. Bethany Poirier says

    Agreed! Oh, the cursed Elf! Today my 9 1/2 year old daughter remarked, “Our Elf hasn’t done anything fun at all this year. He just moves from place to place.” Now, of course, she doesn’t know she was calling me out and I had been so proud of myself for only forgetting to move him once! But still, I squashed the conversation with, “Well Elves have a lot to do and a lot to take care of, especially at this time of year. I am sure [Elf] would be causing all kinds of mischief if he had the time or the energy.”

    • Nicole says

      I know! My kids are saying how lazy the elf is this year. lol I just said today “Maybe he’s not feeling well.” ugh!

  3. says

    my family had an elf when I was a kid, (I’m now 25) that was my grandmothers when SHE was a kid. It’s a vintage toy/ornament, and the hallmark elf design is based directly off it. my Grandma used to hide it around the house, but it was more like a game of Hot and Cold, where the first kid to find it could hide it next. We were allowed to touch it, and it wasn’t a disciplinary tool like it’s being used as today!

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