Bean Boozled – A Family Jelly Bean Game

Bean Boozled Review

For our Family Game Night we tried Bean Boozled! Basically, in this jelly bean game, you spin and eat the color jelly bean that you land on, BUT each color has one tasty jelly bean and one gross one! For example, if you land on green you have a 50/50 chance of eating lime or lawn clippings.  If you land on orange you have a 50/50 chance of eating peach or barf flavor. You get … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Easy Bake Oven Mixes

Make Your Own Easy Bake Oven Mixes

The Easy Bake Oven was an exciting gift for us this Christmas! We baked the cookies that were included in the box the same day. Because the store bought mixes can be a bit pricey (especially for my enthusiastic bakers), we came up with a way to make your own Easy Bake Oven mixes. It is an INCREDIBLY affordable way to keep my girls baking! Buy a variety of store bought cake … [Read more...]

Personalized Art for Kids

DIY Custom Art For Kids

Make your own personalized art! Materials: canvas (any size) material glue felt buttons First, cover the front side of the canvas in any kind of fabric. I have three girls, so princesses was an obvious choice! We just used tacky glue and it worked great at attaching the fabric to the canvas. Be sure to pull the fabric taut so it doesn’t buckle. Allow it to dry … [Read more...]

Hand Painted Postcards

Kids Painted Postcards

Hand Painted Postcards is a great indoor activity, especially when it’s too cold to be playing outside! Start with some sturdy cardboard. We found some from leftover packaging, and just recycled it. Using a paper cutter, cut it into 4x6 pieces or whatever size works based on your cardboard.   Using craft paint, paint designs and pictures on the front of each … [Read more...]

Penny Roll and Tally Game

Penny Roll and Tally Game

My six year old is really excited by math these days. She came home from school talking about tally marks, which they had just learned. We put together an easy game that is super fun to play. My four year old keeps requesting it…maybe that’s because she won the first round? All you need is 20 pennies, a die, and a partner. I decided to use real pennies, as a way to … [Read more...]

Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelets

Shrinky Dink Craft Bracelet

Make a Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelet as a fun afternoon craft or the perfect personalized gift! Shrinky Dink paper is available at most craft stores. I usually find it at Michael’s. I prefer the paper that has a “scratchy side” because colored pencils work really well on it. Otherwise, you need Sharpie markers for the color to stay on the paper. Start by tracing any image … [Read more...]

Kids’ Spa Day at Home

Kids' Spa Day

Since taking both girls to get pedicures is a favorite activity, but a bit pricey, we decided to make our own spa day at home!  Having special chairs, warm soapy water for soaking, and all the supplies, made it extra special. We even served snacks on a special tray.   Next time, I think we’ll have a menu of services to choose from, complete with prices. My six … [Read more...]

Race to 100 Math Game

DIY Race to 100 Math Game Mat

Introduce your preschooler to larger numbers with this DIY Race to 100 Math Game.   I got this poster at a dollar store to make a game for N (4.5 years old) to introduce and explore bigger numbers. Once I got it home I realized the way the numbers were jumbled on the poster would be overwhelming so I cut it into strips. Then I taped them together to form one long … [Read more...]

DIY Pool Noodle Card Holder

DIY Pool Noodle Card Holders

  This DIY pool noodle card holder a simple solution for little hands playing card games! Until this point we have played our card games with "open hands" (all of our cards facing up in plain view for everyone to see). The advantages to playing that way are it saves time organizing the cards in their hands, you can easily offer help if needed, and occasionally it helps … [Read more...]

Paper Chain Countdown

paper chain countdown 5

We love events in our house! Whether it’s a birthday, a guest coming to stay, a recital, or even Grammy’s upcoming retirement, we like to count the days until the event. We decided to make a paper chain countdown, which turned out to be a great counting activity, as well as nice practice using scissors to cut lines. It was also a great lesson for my 5 ½ year old to learn to use … [Read more...]

Sticker Stories

Sticker Stories Creative Writing

Sticker stories can be done with any age and you can work on a variety of skills. I used to do these in my classroom all the time, so I decided to give it a try at home! My girls received this amazing sticker book as a gift, and if you have girls, I highly recommend it! They use it nonstop for so many creative things, and it was just perfect for sticker stories. The more … [Read more...]

Minecraft Dice Game

Minecraft Dice Game

  Minecraft has become quite popular with my son.  I made this Minecraft Dice Game to sneak in a little addition practice with a Minecraft twist. This can be a 1 player game or a 2+ player game (just print one set for each player). I love that both kids can play the same game and work on different skills. My daughter tries to earn all of the cake ingredients using … [Read more...]