All About Me Poster

All About Me Poster

Put your junk mail to good use and make an All About Me poster! Armed with a stack of grocery flyers, toy store ads, circulars and a few simple art supplies, your preschooler can make a cool poster AND he'll get some hands-on sorting practice, a key early math skill. What You Need: Junk mail ads (grocery circulars, toy store advertisements, etc.) Newspaper Safety … [Read more...]

Practice Spelling Words with Water

Practice Spelling Words with Water

Need a fun way to practice spelling words week after week? Practice spelling words with water! This is a fun way to practice sight words, spelling words or just write letters and numbers. You can adapt this activity to any age, even toddlers who are beginning to draw simple lines and shapes! We like to fill our water table with water for this activity, but a simple … [Read more...]

Hand Painted Postcards

Kids Painted Postcards

Hand Painted Postcards is a great indoor activity, especially when it’s too cold to be playing outside! Start with some sturdy cardboard. We found some from leftover packaging, and just recycled it. Using a paper cutter, cut it into 4x6 pieces or whatever size works based on your cardboard.   Using craft paint, paint designs and pictures on the front of each … [Read more...]

Writing Books with Preschoolers

Writing Books with Your Preschooler

 Helping your preschooler develop a love for reading and writing is so important. Simply reading a book each day to your child will help him develop a love of reading and storytelling. Encouraging your child see himself as an author is just as simple! Writing Books with Preschoolers I often staple scraps of paper together (of various sizes) to make blank books for the … [Read more...]

Sticker Stories

Sticker Stories Creative Writing

Sticker stories can be done with any age and you can work on a variety of skills. I used to do these in my classroom all the time, so I decided to give it a try at home! My girls received this amazing sticker book as a gift, and if you have girls, I highly recommend it! They use it nonstop for so many creative things, and it was just perfect for sticker stories. The more … [Read more...]

Roll and Draw


Roll and Draw was a fun game for both of my children.  I initially wanted my 2 1/2 year old to experience the game so that she could practice drawing lines in a fun way, but I quickly realized that my 5 1/2 year old had just as much fun with it. Materials: a kleenex box or a different type of box to use as a die a piece of paper to cover the box a chalkboard, … [Read more...]

Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)


Easter is right around the corner!  Have fun stretching your child's creative thinking skills with these Easter themed story starters. 1. Twas the night before Easter... 2. I couldn't believe my eyes. My Easter basket was filled with... 3. Easter morning, I looked out my window and... 4. Crack, crack, crack... suddenly one of my Easter eggs started to move! 5. Oh no! The … [Read more...]

Story Telling Activities


Exposing kids to literature and storytelling in their earliest years is one of the best gifts we can give our children.  My little ones are growing up with parents that both have degrees in education, so we're constantly searching for fun ways to instill a love of sharing stories. Here are a few story telling activities that we've tried. Wooden Story Pieces We find … [Read more...]

Story Telling


Inspire creativity and story telling with this simple story telling idea. B and his dad have started a story time tradition. It is such a simple and great idea that I wanted to pass it on. Each night, B picks 3-5 toys or characters or items from his room and gives them to his Dad. Dad makes up a creative story using those props. It is usually a silly story and includes … [Read more...]

Story Starters (printable)


With one passionate little writer at home and one who rather eat peas than write, I'm always trying to come up with fun ways to encourage writing.  Usually holiday story starters will do the trick! Here are a few St. Patrick's Day Story Starters: It was the morning of St. Patrick's Day and I heard.... I couldn't believe my eyes.  There were green footprints … [Read more...]

Writing Practice


Here are a few ideas that will help keep your child excited and interested in writing practice. Writing in Rice  Also try sand, shaving cream, whipped cream, or pudding. photo courtesy of Let's Explore Paint Bag Writing You can also try hair gel in the bag. Printable Letter Tracing Cards These are great for keeping in your purse to use while you are … [Read more...]

Number Drawing and Simon Says Drawing


B and I started with a number drawing activity. I drew a house and asked him "Can you draw 1 door? 2 windows? 3 flowers? 4 clouds? etc". It didn't take long and he wanted to draw his own thing.... So we switched to Simon Says Drawing. He would say "What else does it need?" and I'd suggest "A car next to the house." or "grass under the house" using as many direction words as … [Read more...]