Sorting Legos by Color

Sorting Legos by Color

  My two year old is really into building with Legos! Since Legos come in all different colors I thought it would be a great way to introduce sorting! Sorting Legos by Color I picked up a pink lego and asked her what color it was. She said "pink". I asked her if she could find any other pink legos on the ground and we started to create a group. Next, we did … [Read more...]

Food Sorting Game – Order Up!

Order Up A Food Sorting Game

This sorting game can be played with any age group and any skill with your own play food at home! While playing outside in the cottage kitchen, we decided to cook up some special orders. I asked for foods that start with the letter “B” My daughter proudly served me bread, blueberries, burger, and a banana. Next up, I ordered a plate of “round foods” or foods in the … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Matching Games

Free Printable Matching Games for Kids

  Matching activities are a great first activity to try with your toddler and preschoolers love to match, sort, and play Memory with these cards. Here's a collection of 60+ FREE printable matching games for your preschooler or toddler: Matching Colors Bug Color Matching Pumpkin Color Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler Bird Color Matching Crayon … [Read more...]

Using Do a Dot Pages in Different Ways

Using DoADot Pages

Want a simple way to use some of those fabulous Do a Dot printables floating around on the internet without busting out the paints? While painting them with dot markers is a lot of fun, I wanted something my toddler could do more independently without the risk of having fabulous new dot artwork all over my kitchen while I cooked dinner! So I printed off a do a dot printable … [Read more...]

Make a Rainbow Scope

Rainbow Scope 3

With this DIY rainbow scope, everyone can see a rainbow this Spring! The International Delight Coffee Creamer bottle is the perfect size and shape for the rainbow scope. Peel off the label and rinse out the bottle. Use a knife to cut off the bottom of the bottle. Color a rainbow with markers on a piece of clear plastic. We used permanent marker on a piece of a clear … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Color Matching

Easter Egg Color Matching

  Cut eggs from different colors of construction paper. Use whatever stickers you have on hand.  Decorate each egg with matching colored stickers. Not only is this a creative color matching activity, but it is great for fine motor development as your child manipulates the stickers. … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Explore Colors

Ways to Explore color with kids

 (left to right) Ladybug Color Matching (printable) Color Sorting (printable) A Color of His Own Matching (printable) (left to right) Bottle Top Color Matching (printable) Color Collages Colors Elevator Game (printable) (left to right) Toddler Color Baskets Color Hunt Color Hunt and Count  (left to right) Color Sort and Glue God Made Everything Colors Book … [Read more...]

Toddler Color Sorting Craft

Toddler Color Sorting Craft

Make a toddler color sorting craft for your little one in a few easy steps. Your toddler will have so much fun sorting and gluing!   I cut squares from a bunch of scrap construction paper, gluing one of each color on the top of each column.  Then, I let G sort and glue the remaining pieces.  He loved this activity and proudly stated each color by the … [Read more...]

Sort and Balance Toddler Activity

Toddler Color Matching

This Sort and Balance Toddler Activity is one of our favorites and is really simple to prepare and play with. Grab some popsicle sticks and pebbles (we get ours from the Dollar Tree or Daiso).  Have your tot balance the pebbles on the sticks. Up the ante by telling him a specific number to count out (one on the first stick, two on the second, ect) or match the pebbles … [Read more...]

God Made Everything Colors Book (printable)

God Made Everything Book

Several months ago, we did a color of the week in our Tot School with my daughter.  One of the things we tied in with our colors was the Bible lesson that "God made everything."  I chose an item for each color and we would do a little craft activity with that item, talking about both the color and how God made that animal, plant, etc.  You can read more about what we did in my … [Read more...]

Bug Color Matching (printable)

Color Matching

  Bug Color Matching Print the bug color matching document and cut out each card. Match each bug to its same colored leaf. Name the colors as you match them. Other Ideas: Turn it into a listening activity. “Can you put the orange ladybug on the purple leaf?” Print two sets of cards and use them to play Memory. Write capital and lowercase letters on the … [Read more...]

Toddler Color Matching

Rings on Fingers Title

Wanting a fun way to introduce colors and body parts to your little one, as well as practice some fine motor skills?  Try this Rings on Fingers color matching activity (inspired by The Eyes of a Boy) and pair it up with your favorite book or song about those sweet little fingers. Cut out two hands, each in a different color of card stock.  I used this hand template to make … [Read more...]