Laundry Room 10 Frames

laundry room 10 frames

Just a quick fun way to practice a little math, while still being able to get the laundry done! I purchased a set of jumbo magnetic ten frames from Lakeshore Learning, only to realize they were too large for the mini magnetic whiteboard I had purchased. So I decided to try the washer and dryer instead and it was so much fun!! Who knew you could use Expo dry erase markers on the … [Read more...]

Shopkins Themed Dice Game

Shopkins Dice Game

How to Play: Download and print the Shopkins Themed Dice Game Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – Shopkins, cereal, m&ms, blocks, pom poms, etc. Encourage your child to cover the pictures working top to bottom, left to … [Read more...]

Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game

Hotel Transylvania Dice Game

  This Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game includes your child's favorite characters from the movie. Your preschooler won't be able to resist playing over and over again (which means a lot of counting practice for your little one)! How to Play: Download and print the Hotel Transylvania Dice Game Mat. Gather 1 die and 10 counters such as blocks, cereal, pennies, … [Read more...]

Turn Your Box Tops into a Dollar

Box Tops for Education

Recently, I shared my love for Box Tops for Education and my commitment to helping my children experience giving back to their school and their community. It is easy to collect Box Tops and exciting to give them to your school ($0.10 EACH! That adds up!). They have gotten great at hunting for the Box Tops and are proud to turn them in at school, but I needed a way for … [Read more...]

Counting Birthday Candles Game

Counting Birthday Candles Game

Birthdays are SO exciting for little ones! Use their birthday to sneak in a little learning. Counting Birthday Candles Game How to Play: Print the Counting Candles Game. Choose a number card, place it on the cupcake. Have your child add the corresponding number of candles to the cupcake. To up the excitement, we would then sing "Happy Birthday to Sophie" and let … [Read more...]

Penny Roll and Tally Game

Penny Roll and Tally Game

My six year old is really excited by math these days. She came home from school talking about tally marks, which they had just learned. We put together an easy game that is super fun to play. My four year old keeps requesting it…maybe that’s because she won the first round? All you need is 20 pennies, a die, and a partner. I decided to use real pennies, as a way to … [Read more...]

Race to 100 Math Game

DIY Race to 100 Math Game Mat

Introduce your preschooler to larger numbers with this DIY Race to 100 Math Game.   I got this poster at a dollar store to make a game for N (4.5 years old) to introduce and explore bigger numbers. Once I got it home I realized the way the numbers were jumbled on the poster would be overwhelming so I cut it into strips. Then I taped them together to form one long … [Read more...]

Snack Bags

Math Snack Bags

Every day I can always count on my girls to ask for a snack…at least once if not more. Often times I’m in the middle of something, and I needed to come up with a plan for them to get a snack on their own (that I approved of!). They always love helping me in the kitchen and creating these snack bags was a complete win-win! We do this activity about every 3 weeks and they look … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Counting

Easter Egg Counting Activity

  Easter Egg Counting and Decorating Cut out eggs from construction paper and number them. Encourage your child to decorate each egg using the number of stickers shown on the egg. I love how quick and easy this activity is to set up. It was a fun opportunity for N to practice identifying numbers and counting. … [Read more...]

Frozen Themed Dice Game (printable)

Frozen Themed Dice Game

    Frozen is still the favorite movie of the year at my house! This Frozen themed dice game was a huge hit too! Frozen Themed Dice Game Materials: Frozen Game Mat, Dice, 12 Counters (gems, cereal, blocks, bottle tops, etc.) Directions:  Print the Frozen Game Mat and cut it in half to make 2 game boards (one with Anna and one with Elsa). Roll the … [Read more...]

Pot of Gold Craft (giveaway)

Pot of Gold Craft

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the theme for this St. Patrick's Day preschool craft. Your pot of gold can turn into a purse (like ours did), a mailbox to count gold coins into (we tried that too), or a place to keep all of your treasures. Materials: paper plates glue paint or markers construction paper string or yarn Cut a plate in half and … [Read more...]

Lego Counting Game

Lego Dice Game

  Help the bunny get to his apples. This DIY Lego Counting Game is the perfect way to practice counting with your Legos! How to Play: Gather 10-20 Legos, dice, a character to move along your Lego path. Set up your path with the Legos. Your path can be straight, zig-zagged, curved, short, or long. Building your own path is what makes this game so exciting and … [Read more...]