Easter Egg Activities – Making Words (printable)


I put a few CVC words and pictures inside plastic Easter eggs for B to work with. He loved it! He would pour the letters and picture onto the table, say the name of the picture aloud, and then put the letters in order while saying each sound. He had so much fun with it that he requested to try "silent e" words next. Here are the printables we used for this … [Read more...]

Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)


Easter is right around the corner!  Have fun stretching your child's creative thinking skills with these Easter themed story starters. 1. Twas the night before Easter... 2. I couldn't believe my eyes. My Easter basket was filled with... 3. Easter morning, I looked out my window and... 4. Crack, crack, crack... suddenly one of my Easter eggs started to move! 5. Oh no! The … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Activities – Sorting


Yesterday, I shared a Toddler Color Matching Activity. I also picked up a bag of smaller plastic eggs for sorting. You can sort them by:  Size - big/small (pictured above) Color - putting the matching color inside of the bigger egg Color in a sorting tray Write letters, numbers, or words on the eggs with a dry erase marker and sort. Sorting is such a valuable activity … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Activities – Toddler Color Matching


I picked up a few bags of plastic Easter eggs at the grocery store and for the next few days I will feature different, simple activities that you can use these eggs for with your toddler, preschooler, and beginning reader. N (26 Months) had fun matching these plastic Easter eggs by color. I lined up the eggs in the top row and she put the matching colors in the bottom row. … [Read more...]

Paper Plate Easter Wreath


Make a paper plate Easter wreath by cutting a hole in the center of a paper plate. Cut and decorate small paper eggs. Tape or glue the eggs onto the plate. Display somewhere special. Our wreath looks more like a collage, but I'm enjoying (trying to embrace) that B wants to try his ideas and do things his way. More and more lately I sit down with him and have an idea for a … [Read more...]

Easter Ideas Part 3


Why not sneak some learning in with our Easter fun?! Easter Egg Word Family Activity at Chasing Cheerios Egg Twist Letter Matching at Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary Easter Egg Reading (cvc words) at My Montessori Journey … [Read more...]

Easter Ideas Part 2


I think this Mixed Up Egg Hunt activity from Make and Takes is a very clever way to get more use out of those plastic eggs! The 15 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas from One of a Kind are a must read! They are very creative and sneak in learning in a clever way! … [Read more...]

Listening Matching Game

Easter Egg Listening Game

While you are getting your Easter supplies out, give this activity a try.... Fill your plastic eggs with different materials (2 eggs of each material) and try to match them up just by shaking and listening. I got this package of eggs at the Target dollar spot. I liked that they were striped so B wouldn't get confused and start matching them by color. In the different eggs … [Read more...]

HELP! Coloring Eggs Advice Needed!

I'm so excited to color eggs with B for the first time this year! He just turned 3 and I feel like he is ready to take a pretty active roll in the activity. I bought a pretty simple kit and I was just thinking "I wonder what the best way is to go about this?"So I need YOUR HELP! Give me some tips, advice, to dos, what not to dos, and anything else you can share with me to help … [Read more...]