Euchre for Kids


Growing up in Michigan, Euchre was the card game everyone played. It isn't the easiest game to learn, but once you did, it is SO fun! Here are the Rules for Euchre. Euchre for Kids If you already play euchre, your children probably want to join in and really be a part of the fun, so this Euchre for Kids chart will help. My son (9), has found it really helpful. Print this … [Read more...]

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Kids love treasure hunts!  Even with the simplest of prizes, the excitement of clues and racing around keeps them asking for more. I've made a DIY treasure hunt before and it was fun, but it took some planning and organization which made me not want to create one at the spur of the moment very often. Treasure Hunt Problem: The planning and organization it takes to create a … [Read more...]

Shopkins Themed Dice Game

Shopkins Dice Game

How to Play: Download and print the Shopkins Themed Dice Game Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – Shopkins, cereal, m&ms, blocks, pom poms, etc. Encourage your child to cover the pictures working top to bottom, left to … [Read more...]

100 Pool Noodle Activities

pool noodles Activities

  100 Pool Noodle Activities for you and your children Stock up on pool noodles now and take a look at my Pinterest board for over 100 Pool Noodle Activities! From learning activities to games and Science experiments to crafts there will be something you just HAVE to try! From DIY costumes to parent hacks, these 100 Pool Noodle Activities are for you! … [Read more...]

Getting Cheesy at Chuck E. Cheese

Cheesy with Chuck E

Look at us getting Cheesy at Chuck E. Cheese with Chuck E. We always have SO much FUN together at Chuck E. Cheese and the value can't be beat. Did you know they have NEW pizzas? Their new thin and crispy pepperoni pizza is SO tasty! Check out the Chuck E. Cheese National Cheese Lover's Day video to see how the people of New York react to the NEW pizza recipe. Want to win … [Read more...]

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

We have been having so much fun playing charades as a family! Here are my favorite (FREE, printable) resources for Fall Themed Charades for Kids: Thanksgiving Charades from I Can Teach My Child Halloween Charades from Buggy and Buddy Autumn Charades from iMOM … [Read more...]

Family Drawing Game

Family Drawing Game

  This super simple, really fun, family drawing game is perfect for ALL ages! We play it when we are on the go and find ourselves waiting (doctor's office, sporting events, airport, etc.). Materials: Paper Pencil or Pen or Marker or Crayon How to Play: Players take turns adding lines to the paper to create a "picture". We set the rule that each player … [Read more...]

Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game

Hotel Transylvania Dice Game

  This Hotel Transylvania 2 Counting Game includes your child's favorite characters from the movie. Your preschooler won't be able to resist playing over and over again (which means a lot of counting practice for your little one)! How to Play: Download and print the Hotel Transylvania Dice Game Mat. Gather 1 die and 10 counters such as blocks, cereal, pennies, … [Read more...]

Bean Boozled – A Family Jelly Bean Game

Bean Boozled Review

For our Family Game Night we tried Bean Boozled! Basically, in this jelly bean game, you spin and eat the color jelly bean that you land on, BUT each color has one tasty jelly bean and one gross one! For example, if you land on green you have a 50/50 chance of eating lime or lawn clippings.  If you land on orange you have a 50/50 chance of eating peach or barf flavor. You get … [Read more...]

Penny Roll and Tally Game

Penny Roll and Tally Game

My six year old is really excited by math these days. She came home from school talking about tally marks, which they had just learned. We put together an easy game that is super fun to play. My four year old keeps requesting it…maybe that’s because she won the first round? All you need is 20 pennies, a die, and a partner. I decided to use real pennies, as a way to … [Read more...]

Frozen Dice Game

Frozen Themed Dice Games

We've been having so much fun with these Frozen themed dice games! Counting, adding, and learning all in a FUN way! Download, print, and play! Elsa Dice Games Anna Dice Games Olaf Dice Games Sven Dice Games Race with Anna and Elsa Dice Game Clipart from SandyDigitalArt … [Read more...]

Sven Dice Game

Sven Themed Dice Game

  Sven Dice Game (1 Die) Sven Dice Game (2 Dice) Materials: Sven Dice Game Mat (above) Dice Counters (cereal, candies, blocks, gems, erasers, etc.) How to Play: Roll the die or dice. Cover the number you rolled. When all of the numbers are covered, you win! Clipart from SandyDigitalArt … [Read more...]