Artist Study – Piet Mondrian


A Homeschool Artist Study - Piet Mondrian In our homeschool we did an artist study, learning about different artists and then creating a piece in the likeness of that artist. Piet Mondrian was an artist my girls had learned about in preschool and LOVED, so we decided to add to what they already knew and study him again! Check out books from your local library, and use the … [Read more...]

Beanie Boo Graphing


My girls are HUGE Beanie Boo fans, and once you collect enough, it’s really fun to create simple learning games using them. Try Beanie Boo Graphing with this birthday graph and your beanie boos! First, write each month or abbreviation on a post it note and have your child start sorting each Beanie Boo into piles, based on their birthday – which can be found inside the Ty … [Read more...]

Shopkins Themed Dice Game

Shopkins Dice Game

How to Play: Download and print the Shopkins Themed Dice Game Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – Shopkins, cereal, m&ms, blocks, pom poms, etc. Encourage your child to cover the pictures working top to bottom, left to … [Read more...]

Kids’ Spa Day at Home

Kids' Spa Day

Since taking both girls to get pedicures is a favorite activity, but a bit pricey, we decided to make our own spa day at home!  Having special chairs, warm soapy water for soaking, and all the supplies, made it extra special. We even served snacks on a special tray.   Next time, I think we’ll have a menu of services to choose from, complete with prices. My six … [Read more...]

Fancy Nancy Activities

Fancy Nancy Crafts and Activities

My girls have loved reading the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O'Connor since they were each 2. The books are sweet stories about a fancy little girl and her hopelessly plain family. Each story has a glossary of fancy words that is great for building vocabulary even in toddlers. Recently, we spent a rainy day reading Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day and pretending to have our … [Read more...]

Sorting Beads

Sorting Beads

This sorting beads activity started with a giant bag of pony beads from the craft store. I liked that this bag included flower beads and animals beads. It is a perfect mix for sorting! Using a mini muffin tin, I told my girls “Sort these beads…however you would like!” I gave them each a bowl of beads and they started with their own separate sorts. Some were by size, some … [Read more...]

DIY Marshmallow Shooters

Make Your Own Marshmallow Shooter

We recently celebrated our middle guy's 3rd birthday and I wanted something super fun that would serve as party favor's at his party.  After some Pinterest perusing and collaborating with the handy hubby, we decided to make DIY marshmallow shooters! These would be SO fun for the summer! My husband and G went to the hardware store and picked up a TON of PVC joints, caps, … [Read more...]

Personalized Friendship Bracelets

DIY Friendship Bracelets

With the end of the school year approaching, these personalized friendship bracelets are a fun way for kids to make small gifts for their classmates while working on letter sorting and lacing beads! We used this cord (found at Walmart) and alphabet beads. There are NOT a ton of vowels in each bag, so if you are intending on making words or names, buy 2-3 bags. You can … [Read more...]

Lego Counting Game

Lego Dice Game

  Help the bunny get to his apples. This DIY Lego Counting Game is the perfect way to practice counting with your Legos! How to Play: Gather 10-20 Legos, dice, a character to move along your Lego path. Set up your path with the Legos. Your path can be straight, zig-zagged, curved, short, or long. Building your own path is what makes this game so exciting and … [Read more...]

American Girl Doll Play

American Girl Doll Play 4

I have a 6 year old who LOVES all things American Girl.  She saves every dollar to buy accessories, pours over catalogs, and is all about American Girl Doll play from sun up to sun down!  Here are a couple of ways we play even more! With her last catalog, I waited until she had thoroughly enjoyed it and then went through and cut out the dolls. I ran each doll … [Read more...]

Girl Games


I recently posted a list of boy activities that active boys would love (girls love them too). So I thought it was only fair to put together a list of activities that girls will be excited to try  (and of course boys too). Girl Games Get Creative with Paint Clothes Pins Magic Rocks Princess Dot Marker Pages (printable) Spaghetti Noodle … [Read more...]