Cheesecloth Ghosts


Making Cheesecloth Ghosts is a fun and easy Halloween craft – so easy, my toddler was able to make her own, along with her big sisters! Be sure to allow enough time for the ghosts to dry overnight before decorating Here’s what you’ll need: Sta-Flo liquid starch cheesecloth (available at craft stores and some grocery stores) a glass Mason jar balloons a … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Craft for Preschoolers

Fall Craft for Preschoolers

  This is a very inexpensive and easy Fall craft for preschoolers. It took a few days to finish, but the results were worth it! We started with about 4-5 different pieces of Halloween/Fall scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and then cut/tore out the individual images and designs we liked. Cutting was a great activity for my 4 year old to practice, as was tearing the … [Read more...]

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

Years ago, a student in my 1st grade class told me about the Switch Witch visiting his house on Halloween Night. We’ll see if she stops by our house tonight! The Switch Witch is an extremely nice witch, who flies around on Halloween night looking for families with a single piece of candy left outside their front door. If she sees the candy, she knows there is a child in the … [Read more...]

Learning with Candy

Learning with Halloween Candy

  Halloween candy isn't just for eating. You can be learning with candy too! Sorting is one of the best ways. Kids don't even realize they are learning as they practice this important skill with their candy. Sort by Color Sort by Shape Sort by Type sort by brand -Which did you get the most of? tootsie rolls/not tootsie rolls suckers/not suckers chocolate/not … [Read more...]

October Symmetry Craft

October Symmetry Craft

Your preschooler or toddler will love to experiment with symmetry with this October symmetry craft! Fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw one of the outlines shown. Cut it out or let your child cut along the lines for extra practice with scissors.  Paint on just one half of your bat or pumpkin. The more colors and patterns, the better! He was really into … [Read more...]

Spider Bracelet Craft


Plastic spider rings seem to be everywhere this time of year! Use them to make this awesome Spider Bracelet Craft. Ways to Learn with Plastic Spider Rings: Sort the Spiders by Color Count the Spiders Make Patterns (orange, black, orange, black or orange, orange, black, orange, orange, black) Transfer the spiders from a bowl to an ice cube tray with tongs or … [Read more...]

4 Halloween Games (printable)


Halloween games are always needed for classroom parties. Here are four Halloween Games that will be a hit with your little ones. These Halloween Costume cards are a perfect way to sneak in a little Halloween learning in 4 different ways! Costume Memory Print 2 copies of the costume cards and cut them out. Mix them up and turn them over in 3 rows of 4. Take turns … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Game (printable)


This Pumpkin Game is perfect for all ages because it can be used to have fun practicing almost anything! Download and print the pumpkin game template (below). Cut it out and tape it to the top of an empty tissue box. Use it to play one or all of these pumpkin games! Pumpkin Counting Game Start with 10 or 20 plastic spider rings. Roll the die and feed the pumpkin the … [Read more...]

Ghost Activities


Halloween is just around the corner, but there are still a couple of days left to do one of these fun, ghost activities with your little one! 1. Footprint treat bags  A few years ago, I made these boo-tiful treat bags.  I think they turned out great.  If you don't want to make a treat bag, it makes a great craft on any colored paper.  Save your little one's foot print for … [Read more...]

Spider Activities


National Geographic Kids Photograph by Mike Hall, My Shot Isn't it fascinating how something so small can create something so magnificent? Spiderwebs. They are so cool to explore, learn about, and discover. Share these amazing pictures of webs on National Geographic Kids with your child. Go on a spiderweb hunt. Take a walk and explore outside. How many … [Read more...]

Halloween Story Starters

Halloween is right around the corner.  Have fun using your imagination while encouraging your young writer with a few creative Halloween story starters. These are great for family time. Share a combined oral story around the table or for independent writing combine it with an author's night.  Have your child illustrate their story as well using a variety of art … [Read more...]