Toddler Activities with Shredded Paper

Toddler Activities with Shredded Paper

I asked my husband to bring home some shredded paper from work because it seemed like it had potential for some fun activities... My son and I had a blast playing with it! Here are some toddler activities you can try with shredded paper: Shredded Paper Hunt: I tossed a bunch of my son's favorite little cars into a box of shredded paper, mixed it up, and let him … [Read more...]

Tin Foil Drawing

Tin Foil Drawing Craft

Tin Foil Drawing is one of our favorite activities to do! It’s so easy, yet so different! Using tinfoil (don’t buy the cheap brands that rip easily) tape a large piece to the table, securing all sides with masking tape. Give the kids a bin of colored Sharpie markers (both fine tip and broad tip) and let them color! It’s amazing how long they colored for on the foil rather … [Read more...]

Writing Books with Preschoolers

Writing Books with Your Preschooler

 Helping your preschooler develop a love for reading and writing is so important. Simply reading a book each day to your child will help him develop a love of reading and storytelling. Encouraging your child see himself as an author is just as simple! Writing Books with Preschoolers I often staple scraps of paper together (of various sizes) to make blank books for the … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Matching Games

Free Printable Matching Games for Kids

  Matching activities are a great first activity to try with your toddler and preschoolers love to match, sort, and play Memory with these cards. Here's a collection of 60+ FREE printable matching games for your preschooler or toddler: Matching Colors Bug Color Matching Pumpkin Color Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler Bird Color Matching Crayon … [Read more...]

Why Swinging is SO Important for Kids

Importance of Swinging

  Let the kids swing! Let them swing on their bellies, twist and turn, swing slow or fast, swing high or low. Just let them swing! Swinging is important for kids! Did You Know: Swinging strengthens your child's core and helps with the development of balance. The rocking motion of swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that helps you … [Read more...]

Parking Lot Pretend Play

Parking Lot Pretend Play

We have a raised brick fireplace hearth and it’s the perfect place for parking lot pretend play! We designed a parking lot and neighborhood… out of painter’s tape!  We built parking stalls, streets, and even a park.  Then I grabbed a marker and let G name each of the streets.  Pair it with some toy cars and I promise you’ll have a VERY engaged little one! Written by … [Read more...]

November Busy Boxes

November Busy Boxes 1

G loves his Busy Boxes oh-so-much! Here are our November Busy Boxes: 1. Transferring pompoms into a paint tray with a long-handled spoon 2. Pushing the peg through the wood (Dollar Tree) and then balancing a marble on top of the peg 3. Play dough and new tools 4. Sort pebbles by size (big and small) and balance on popsicle sticks 5. Magnet play with wands and … [Read more...]

Paper Airplane Races

paper airplanes activity

Paper airplane races! It is the perfect indoor activity for a rainy day. Fold paper airplanes and decorate them with stickers and markers. I folded a basic paper airplane for the younger kids to decorate, but here are step by step instructions on how to make 10 paper airplanes. Time for a paper airplane race!  Whose plane can go the farthest? The shortest? Whose plane … [Read more...]

Punch, Glue, and Create Craft


Need a simple craft that builds fine motor skills and hand strength? This Punch, Glue, and Create Craft is for you! Today, I set out a few paper punches, scrap paper, and glue and waited for N (3 years old) to notice it. It didn't take long and she wanted to dive in and create something! Punching the paper is great for building wrist and finger strength, which is … [Read more...]

6 Mosaic Crafts


I had the privilege of being a contributor to Kiwi Crate's DIY Ideas where I shared activities and crafts. I must be drawn to mosaic style crafts because I shared quite a few of those and here are some of my favorites. Sticker Mosaic **This is my favorite. You can use any type of stickers you have on hand. Broken Crayon Mosaic **A great way to put broken or old … [Read more...]

Clipboard for Kids


Spice up pretend play with this quick, easy to make clipboard for kids! Use a hot glue gun to attach a clip to the top of a sturdy shoe box lid. Let it dry and have fun! Your child can use this DIY clipboard to play restaurant, store, doctor, teacher, etc. … [Read more...]

Building Blocks from Toilet Paper Tubes


 Create a village, zoo, or race track with building blocks from toilet paper tubes. The possibilities are endless! You've been saving your toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes, now what? Turn them into building blocks! Cut a slit (1 inch) on the top and bottom of each side of the tube. Cut 20-30 squares and rectangles from card stock or … [Read more...]