Artist Study – Piet Mondrian


A Homeschool Artist Study - Piet Mondrian In our homeschool we did an artist study, learning about different artists and then creating a piece in the likeness of that artist. Piet Mondrian was an artist my girls had learned about in preschool and LOVED, so we decided to add to what they already knew and study him again! Check out books from your local library, and use the … [Read more...]

100 Pool Noodle Activities

pool noodles Activities

  100 Pool Noodle Activities for you and your children Stock up on pool noodles now and take a look at my Pinterest board for over 100 Pool Noodle Activities! From learning activities to games and Science experiments to crafts there will be something you just HAVE to try! From DIY costumes to parent hacks, these 100 Pool Noodle Activities are for you! … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments

Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments Gift Idea

Salt dough ornaments are an awesome keepsake for your little one's handprints, footprints, or for your dog's paw prints. Not only can you make your own salt dough ornaments, but you can also put the ingredients together for the perfect DIY gift (think Baby's First Christmas, Baby Showers, New Puppy, etc.)! Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments Combine 1 cup of salt and 1 … [Read more...]

Toddler Activities with Plastic Bottles

Toddler Activities with Plastic Bottles

We decided to try and turn our old water bottles into bowling pins today! I thought my son would really enjoy it and I was right! The process, as usual, was more fun than the end result.   First, we collected ten water bottles. We had fun counting them together! Then, we filled each one with beans, rice, lentils, pasta... Whatever we could find! I set my son up … [Read more...]

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers with Sticky Face Game

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers Help your little one identify body parts with this fun sensory and fine motor activity! 1.  Print a large picture of your child or just their face, depending on what you want to learn to identify. Laminate it if you prefer.  You could also use a printable coloring book page or drawing of a generic face or body. 2.  Cut a piece of … [Read more...]

Name Game for Toddlers

Name Game for Toddlers

Try this simple Name Game for Toddlers to help your little one identify family members and work on saying their names! 1. Find and print a picture of each family member or friend you would like your child to identify. Pictures with just one person in them will work best for little ones. I laminated mine so that they could survive being played with.  Be sure to include your … [Read more...]

DIY Chia Pet

Make Your Own Chia Pet

Materials: raw eggs soil grass seed water sharpies for decorating small paper cups to stand your DIY Chia Pet on First crack the top part of the egg and pour out the raw egg. Decorate your Egg Friend! Sharpies work great, just remember to be careful, they are fragile. We also used some adhesive foam shapes to decorate the eggs and cup holders. We used a … [Read more...]

DIY Toddler Ball Pit

DIY Toddler Ball Pit

  My 14 month-old little man has been OBSESSED with balls since he was about 10 months old. It was his first word and continues to be the word said most often every day. My husband came up with the idea of a ball pit. So we thought, why not fill the pack-n-play?! So we bought a bag of ball pit balls for 30 bucks and he loves it. It has been one of little man’s favorite … [Read more...]

Air Dry Clay Recipe

Air Dry Clay Crafts

  This super simple air dry clay recipe is easy to prepare and fun to get creative with! Ingredients: 2 cups of Baking Soda 1 cup of Corn Starch 1 1/2 cups of cold water Food Coloring (optional) This recipe will make enough for 4 individual balls of dough. Whisk together the ingredients in a large pot and heat over medium heat until it starts to bubble, … [Read more...]

Personalized Art for Kids

DIY Custom Art For Kids

Make your own personalized art! Materials: canvas (any size) material glue felt buttons First, cover the front side of the canvas in any kind of fabric. I have three girls, so princesses was an obvious choice! We just used tacky glue and it worked great at attaching the fabric to the canvas. Be sure to pull the fabric taut so it doesn’t buckle. Allow it to dry … [Read more...]

Hand Painted Postcards

Kids Painted Postcards

Hand Painted Postcards is a great indoor activity, especially when it’s too cold to be playing outside! Start with some sturdy cardboard. We found some from leftover packaging, and just recycled it. Using a paper cutter, cut it into 4x6 pieces or whatever size works based on your cardboard.   Using craft paint, paint designs and pictures on the front of each … [Read more...]

Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelets

Shrinky Dink Craft Bracelet

Make a Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelet as a fun afternoon craft or the perfect personalized gift! Shrinky Dink paper is available at most craft stores. I usually find it at Michael’s. I prefer the paper that has a “scratchy side” because colored pencils work really well on it. Otherwise, you need Sharpie markers for the color to stay on the paper. Start by tracing any image … [Read more...]