Chuck E Cheese’s Family Fun

Chuck E Cheese's Family Fun

Chuck E Cheese's family fun environment has gone to a new level of awesome! We went to the Grand ReOpening of Chuck E Cheese's San Antonio location to check out the new layout, food, and family friendly design. What a treat! Right when we entered, the bright open floor plan relaxed me and the convenient kiosks got the kids started on games right away.  The light up dance … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Cut Down on Car Ownership Costs as a Mom

Cut Down on Car Ownership Costs

Easy Ways to Cut Down on Car Ownership Costs as a Mom It's official, I feel like a taxi driver for my kids! I am in the car A LOT driving the kids to various activities. I'm thankful for this time in the car together, but doing so much driving can be expensive. Not just because we are buying meals on the go and filling up on gas, but also because your vehicle can be a … [Read more...]

Box Tops at H-E-B

Box Tops at H-E-B

What can I do to help my child's school? It's Back to School Time! I often hear people (including myself) asking, "What can I do to help?" There are so many ways to help your child's school whether it is making copies, helping in the classroom, or volunteering for the PTA. Collect Box Tops at H-E-B One of the easiest ways I've found to help and make a difference is … [Read more...]

Dairy Protein Intolerance in Babies

Dairy Protein Intolerance for Baby

Seven years ago I found out my infant had a dairy protein intolerance.  It caused her to be very fussy and uncomfortable after feedings and caused gastrointestinal issues as her body could not process the protein in dairy. Well, I love ALL things dairy, so this was a BIG change for our family's food shopping and meals. At first, I would eat different foods and then my baby … [Read more...]

The BEST Gift for Moms

Best Gift for Moms

Look no further... This is the BEST Gift for Moms (any occasion)! Look at this bracelet!  This is Blake and Natalie's handwriting! Can you believe that? Personalized jewelry like this from Centime is such a unique keepsake! The jewelry arrived in this beautiful packaging. This Mother's Ring with my kids' names on it is gorgeous and fun to wear. I love the way … [Read more...]

Turn Your Box Tops into a Dollar

Box Tops for Education

Recently, I shared my love for Box Tops for Education and my commitment to helping my children experience giving back to their school and their community. It is easy to collect Box Tops and exciting to give them to your school ($0.10 EACH! That adds up!). They have gotten great at hunting for the Box Tops and are proud to turn them in at school, but I needed a way … [Read more...]

Earn Money for Your Child’s School

Box Tops for Education

The EASIEST way to earn money for your child's school is to collect Box Tops! Box Tops are worth $.10 EACH!! Why Do Schools Need Money? ALL schools need money for extra items that aren't already budgeted for. It could be anything from playground equipment to field trip expenses to microscopes. The best part is that there is freedom for the school on how to spend the … [Read more...]

Toy Rotation for Toddlers

Toy Rotation for Toddlers

  I first read about toy rotation while perusing Pinterest. I thought that the idea made sense and was looking forward to trying it out when my son got older. Well the time came that I felt like toys were starting to take over every living space in our house, so I got to work. Basically a toy rotation is when you keep only a few toys out at any given time and keep … [Read more...]

Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home

Literacy Rich Environment for Toddlers

10 Ways to Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home for Your Toddler Turn your home into a place of learning for your tot.  It doesn’t take too much time or energy to put these ideas together for your little ones. Create a home library and always make books available to your toddler Organize your books at home so that kiddos have easy access to them.  We keep children’s … [Read more...]

Breakfast Art


The Activity Moms know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We also realize that morning schedules can sometimes leave us with very little time to prepare a healthy breakfast (at least at our houses). Our solution....Kashi Oatmeal! Kashi Instant Oatmeal is healthy, quick to make, and easy to get creative with! Start with your favorite flavor of Kashi … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping with Kids

Shopping Trip

Confession: Going to the grocery store with kids stresses me out! So as you can imagine, bringing both kids in with me to join the pre-Christmas grocery crowd did not excite me. However, this morning before we went, something made me pause and realize that if I slowed down and changed the way I did the shopping trip, then maybe I could change the outcome and enjoy it … [Read more...]