Nature Hunt

Nature Hunt

My oldest is 3 years old and loves anything that involves hiding and seeking. Therefore scavenger hunts are a big hit in our house. He's outdoorsy and likes to move so yesterday we went on a Nature Hunt. I made our list with pictures so he could "read" (see) what he was hunting for. If you're child doesn't seem totally on board with the nature hunt, allow them to … [Read more...]

DIY Chia Pet

Make Your Own Chia Pet

Materials: raw eggs soil grass seed water sharpies for decorating small paper cups to stand your DIY Chia Pet on First crack the top part of the egg and pour out the raw egg. Decorate your Egg Friend! Sharpies work great, just remember to be careful, they are fragile. We also used some adhesive foam shapes to decorate the eggs and cup holders. We used a … [Read more...]

Nature Walk Activities


The weather is perfect for nature walk activities with your little one. Yesterday we went on a nature walk and I couldn't believe how much fun N had! We collected things (mostly found on the ground) in a basket and her excitement was contagious! When we got home, we sorted our nature items into piles (leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, etc.) and then counted each … [Read more...]

Spring Sorting


To celebrate Spring, we dove into Spring Sorting by sorting birds into their nests by color and by size.  The nests were really easy to make with brown paper bags (lunch size). Roll the top down and scrunch. Keep rolling and scrunching until you get down to the bottom. That's it! Not only can you sort by size or shape with this printable, but you can write … [Read more...]

Scavenger Hunt (printable)


Take your child on a scavenger hunt outside! It's so fun to talk about the things your child notices around them. This free, printable Nature Hunt is perfect to take outside with your toddler or preschooler. Hunt with a friend or hunt while you are on a walk. clip art from  … [Read more...]

Nature Activities


There is so much in nature.. right at our fingertips that we can use to inspire creative thinking and learning. And best of all... nature activities are free! Learning with STICKS Sand/Dirt Writing: Using a stick, let your child practice their writing in sand or just plain old dirt in the backyard. Counting:  How many sticks did you find? Count them.  Count them by … [Read more...]