Egg Shell Painting on Canvas

Egg Shell Painting

We eat a lot of eggs in my house. We even had our own backyard suburban chickens for a few years. At least once a month I make a big batch of egg muffins and freeze them for easy portable snacks and breakfasts. This time, however, I got creative with the leftover shells with an Egg Shell Painting activity. Get Ready for Egg Shell Painting: Crack your eggs very … [Read more...]

75 Ways to Paint for Kids from A to Z

75 Ways to Paint for Kids

A Animal Track Painting from Child Central Station Painting with Apples from Learning 4 Kids B Blow Dryer Art from Child Central Station Ball Painting from Mommy and Me Book Club Body Paint from Kiwi Crate and The Activity Mom Bubble Wrap Painting from Art Bar Blog Bath Paint from The Imagination Tree Bottle Print Painting from Mess for Less Bike Painting from Pink … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

  Children of any age will enjoy creating this Christmas Tree Art. What a great gift that kids can make for someone they love!   First, purchase any size/type of canvas from the craft store. It really doesn’t matter what size you use. Using painter’s tape, cut angled strips of tape that form an abstract Christmas tree shape and place the tape directly on the … [Read more...]

Colored Oobleck

Colored Oobleck Sensory

I took a trip back to my childhood today and made some colored Oobleck with my son. In case you've never made this it is just corn starch and water. It makes the strangest consistency-- halfway between a solid and a liquid. I could sit for hours and just play with it in my hands. Well today my son and I decided we would add some color to our oobleck and see if we could make … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Craft for Babies

Mother's Day Flower Craft

I babysit for a little boy the same age as my son (14 months) and I was trying to think of a craft to do with him to give to his mother this Sunday. All I could think of (and find online) were footprint crafts. I must say that I am OVER the whole footprint craft idea. I’ve done my share of restraining my son and getting a perfect footprint for the sake of cute little crafts, … [Read more...]

Tape Art for Kids

Kids' Tape Art

  We recently bought a craft tape dispenser and the kids have had SO MUCH fun using it in so many ways. Today we tried making tape art with a white canvas, tape, and acrylic paint.   The first step was letting the kids place the masking tape on the canvas. Try to let them just go with it. It was great to see how much fun they had overlapping the tape and … [Read more...]

Circle Art

Circle Art 4

This is a great art project that utilizes materials that you probably already have in your house! To make this pretty circle art, you will need: Paper cups (we used ones from our bathroom) Black or gray paint (we used gray) Watercolors Paper We started by dipping the paper cup into the gray paint and stamping circles.  I encouraged them to do as many or … [Read more...]

Simple Summer Water Play

painting with water

Simple Summer Water Play Don't feel like filling up the kiddie pool?  Try these simple and fun ways to get wet and stay cool with minimal preparation. Fence Painting.  Maybe it's Tom Sawyer syndrome, but I remember spending several hot summer days as a child "working" hard to paint our fence with water and a paintbrush.  Getting to use a real grownup paintbrush was … [Read more...]

Toddler Painting

painting 7

Painting is one of our VERY favorite activities in this house!  We love a good set of watercolors but we also like to get creative.  Here are some of our favorite ways to paint! Toddler Painting This one is a sneaky learning activity and craft all rolled into one!  I draw some lines (these inadvertently turned into snowflakes!) and provide Q-tips and daubers (stroll … [Read more...]

Rainbow Q-Tip Painting

q-tip painting 2

 Having kids at different ages and stages can sometimes be tricky, so I'm always thinking of ways to engage BOTH kiddos (age 6 and age 2) in fun ways.  Pointillism rainbows met that requirement and was a great seasonal activity! First, I drew (freehand... No teasing!) two pots on their papers.  They colored them in. Then, I poured a bit of red fingerprint on a plate and … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Art Display

DIY Art Display 1

My toddler loves to make art!  Almost every day she'll ask me to paint, and usually I am more than happy to let her.  However, this means that I have lots of masterpieces laying around my home that need to be shown to Daddy and some displayed.  I have been putting off and putting off finding a way to display all of her art projects because I wanted it to be perfect. So I came … [Read more...]

Painting Noodles

Painting Lasagna Noodles

 Time to get creative with those left over lasagna noodles in your pantry! Painting noodles, just add paint! They are the perfect painting surface (with a cute border). We had so much fun with this, I wish I would have thought of it sooner! You've painted your noodles, now what? Break them into pieces and make a sculpture or collage. Use them as a ramp for your … [Read more...]