The Importance of Pretend Play

pretend play

Pretend play is a vital component to a child's development. According to pretend play (also referred to as dramatic play) helps the cognitive, social, and emotional development of a child. Here are several ways that pretend play impacts a child's development: increase use of language and vocabulary expressing positive and negative feelings … [Read more...]

Pokemon Craft

pokemon craft

  These pokeballs are such a fun Pokemon craft! They are perfect to make on a rainy day or at a Pokemon themed party and with the current Pokemon Go craze, this Pokemon craft is a hit with all ages! Materials: styrofoam balls paint paint brushes craft foam (optional)   Add multiple coats of paint to the styrofoam. We added a circle piece … [Read more...]

Toddler Activities with Shredded Paper

Toddler Activities with Shredded Paper

I asked my husband to bring home some shredded paper from work because it seemed like it had potential for some fun activities... My son and I had a blast playing with it! Here are some toddler activities you can try with shredded paper: Shredded Paper Hunt: I tossed a bunch of my son's favorite little cars into a box of shredded paper, mixed it up, and let him … [Read more...]

Learning Letter Sounds through Play

Learning for Letter Sounds

Use your little one's favorite characters or toys to make learning letter sounds fun! 1.  Gather up favorite characters.  You could use toys you own or printed pictures. We used a printable puppet playset from 1+1+1=1. 2.  On small pieces of paper, write the first letter of each character you have, and spread them out.  Castles, farms, or dollhouses work great for this!  I … [Read more...]

Sands Alive vs. Kinetic Sand

Sands Alive vs Kinetic Sand

Sands Alive vs. Kinetic Sand We have Sands Alive! AND kinetic sand. My 7 year old loves BOTH. However, in his attempt to share information like Evan from EvanTubeHD, he decided to experiment with them and share his conclusions.   There you have it…the breakdown of both sands from a 7 year old's point of view. From a Mom's point of view, both are fairly easy to … [Read more...]

Food Sorting Game – Order Up!

Order Up A Food Sorting Game

This sorting game can be played with any age group and any skill with your own play food at home! While playing outside in the cottage kitchen, we decided to cook up some special orders. I asked for foods that start with the letter “B” My daughter proudly served me bread, blueberries, burger, and a banana. Next up, I ordered a plate of “round foods” or foods in the … [Read more...]

Fancy Nancy Activities

Fancy Nancy Crafts and Activities

My girls have loved reading the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O'Connor since they were each 2. The books are sweet stories about a fancy little girl and her hopelessly plain family. Each story has a glossary of fancy words that is great for building vocabulary even in toddlers. Recently, we spent a rainy day reading Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day and pretending to have our … [Read more...]

Alphabet Puppy Play

alphabet puppy play

 Alphabet Puppy Game In an effort to expose my daughter to the alphabet in a fun, pressure-free way, I've been working to integrate it into our play.  This week we have been learning about pets, so I made these ABC dog bones to feed our "pet" puppy! As my daughter "feeds" them to the stuffed puppy, I say the letter name and she repeats it after me.  Sometimes we look for a … [Read more...]

Apple Alphabet Play

Apple Picking Alphabet Play

I have just started exploring the alphabet with my curious two-year-old.  Whenever she sees writing she points and says "ABCs!", so I figured now was as good of time as any to embrace that curiosity and have some fun with letters. This apple alphabet picking game is a simple, no-pressure way to explore the alphabet with your little one. To prepare this activity I made some … [Read more...]

Princess Playdate

princess tea party

  My little girl LOVES princesses and being a princess! Turn an ordinary playdate into an Ultimate Princess Playdate in just a few simple steps! 1) Dress Like a Princess (above) - Whether it is a princess dress, jewelry, scarves, or hair and makeup it is always fun to feel like a princess. 2) Have a Tea Party Lunch - Spice up an ordinary lunch with fancy plates, … [Read more...]

Lego Movie Paper Bag Puppets

Lego Movie Paper Bag Puppets

  The kids came up with the idea to make paper bag puppets of their favorite characters from The Lego Movie. I loved seeing them work together to create these puppets, but hearing them pretend with them was even better. I love open ended activities like this that let kids create and pretend! … [Read more...]

Big G Cereal Heroes

Inner Batman

We already know how important it is to start the day with a good breakfast. Now we can take it one step further by adding creativity, confidence, and extra reading with Big G Cereal Heroes. Dress as your favorite Super Hero with costume pieces you will find on the back of Big G Cereal boxes. The excitement in our house about eating our favorite Cheerios and getting to … [Read more...]