15 Rhyming Activities

Rhyming Activities

Rhyming is so fun and such an important early literacy skill. Here are 15 Rhyming Activities to use with your preschooler to practice rhyming in a fun way.   Thumbs Up for Rhyming - A Rhyming Game for the Car from The Activity Mom Free Animal Rhyming Cards from This Reading Mama Rhyming Riddles from Little Minds at Work Duplo Rhyming Word Matching from … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Matching Games

Free Printable Matching Games for Kids

  Matching activities are a great first activity to try with your toddler and preschoolers love to match, sort, and play Memory with these cards. Here's a collection of 60+ FREE printable matching games for your preschooler or toddler: Matching Colors Bug Color Matching Pumpkin Color Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler Bird Color Matching Crayon … [Read more...]

Thumbs up for Rhymes

Thumbs Up for Rhymes

Thumbs up for rhymes! This simple rhyming activity is great for when you are waiting with your child somewhere. It is an excellent literacy activity. If you are in the car, restaurant, or in a waiting room this is a fun game to play that is great for rhyming, listening skills, and phonemic awareness. Say two words that rhyme or that don't rhyme. Examples: cat … [Read more...]

I Have, Who Has Rhyming Game (printable)


This rhyming game is fun for beginning readers and ANY "I Have Who Has" game is a hit with the kids! We've had a lot of fun with this rhyming/beginning reading game from Little Literacy Learners. This is the first time we've played "I Have, Who Has". No matter which card starts, it loops so each card is used and everyone can "win".  For example, one person says "I have … [Read more...]

Rhyming Bingo – My NEW Favorite!


This Yes/No Rhyming Bingo is my new favorite! It is from HeidiSongs and it has been our most successful rhyming game yet.  Each player gets a smiley/sad face game board and the adult reads the two words on the card. If the two words rhyme you cover a smiley face. If they don't you cover a sad face. The first person to cover their card wins. This is the first rhyming game … [Read more...]

Picture Rhyming Cards

picture rhyming

We've worked with rhyming cards before, finding which 2 out of 3 rhyme.  This time I printed a set of cards from Teach Mama and we worked on finding the matches. I like both ways of working with rhyming. The more practice the better! … [Read more...]

Rhyming Bingo


Head on over to Teach Mama to print the Rhyming Bingo. Another great printable from Teach Mama is this rhyming bingo game. Draw a card, say it, and find a picture on your card that rhymes with it. The person to cover their whole card wins. … [Read more...]

Nursery Rhyme a Week – Printable


I stumbled upon this free, printable Nursery Rhyme A Week Instructional guide and it reminded me of when I did a Poem of the Week in my 4th grade classroom. So I decided to print a few and give it a try with B. With each poem they've included rhyming picture cards, rhyming riddles, and lesson plans. B isn't ready for most of the skills that the lesson plans target so I … [Read more...]

Printable Picture Rhyming Cards

These printable picture rhyming cards from Prekinders are a great way to practice rhyming! This specific printable is made for matching the rhyming pictures but when I printed them I was thinking of presenting it to B like they do in between shows on Noggin/Nick Jr. He loves those little games. They say something like "Which word rhymes with cat? Bat or rat? That's right … [Read more...]