Laundry Room 10 Frames

laundry room 10 frames

Just a quick fun way to practice a little math, while still being able to get the laundry done! I purchased a set of jumbo magnetic ten frames from Lakeshore Learning, only to realize they were too large for the mini magnetic whiteboard I had purchased. So I decided to try the washer and dryer instead and it was so much fun!! Who knew you could use Expo dry erase markers on the … [Read more...]

Pizza Math


One way to make math fun is by using hands on materials. This pizza math game is perfect for counting, adding and subtracting, or learning fractions! How to Make the Pizza: Materials: A cardboard circle from a frozen pizza Glue gun Colored Construction paper Using a ruler, I divided the circle into eight equal parts.  Next, I glued the colored paper and then cut … [Read more...]

Simple Addition/Subtraction Game


This is a simple addition/subtraction game to introduce simple addition, subtraction, and combinations of 10. Materials: paper plate (write the number 5 on it) counters (we used large wooden beads) index cards (with numbers 1-5 written on them) Adding Game Directions: Start with 5 counters on the plate. Pick an index card (from a pile or bag) and add that many … [Read more...]