100 Pool Noodle Activities

pool noodles Activities

100 Pool Noodle Activities for you and your children Stock up on pool noodles now and take a look at my Pinterest board for over 100 Pool Noodle Activities! From learning activities to games and Science experiments to crafts there will be something you just HAVE to try! From DIY costumes to parent hacks, these 100 Pool Noodle Activities are for you! … [Read more...]

Chick-fil-a Field Trip

Chick-fil-a Field Trip

  Our family LOVES Chick-fil-A! We go whenever we get a chance, and are always impressed not only with the food, but also with the amazing customer service. So we decided to go on a Chick-fil-A field trip.   I am home schooling my older two daughters, and I’m always looking for interesting places to go, or new things to try. When I saw the “Back Stage … [Read more...]

30 Second Smoothies for Your Toddler

30 Second Smoothies for Your Toddler

  With the hot weather the past few days, my son hasn't had much of an appetite. He loves smoothies, but with no fresh or frozen fruit on hand I decided to improvise. 30 Second Smoothies for Your Toddler   We took one pouch of baby food, added cold water, and stirred it up. We stuck a straw in the cup and my son drank it right down! We used Gerber … [Read more...]

Garden Markers Craft

Garden Markers Craft

My niece and I share a love of all things artsy and last weekend we decided to add a little pizazz to my garden with homemade garden markers. We found a bunch of nice rocks that had a flat face and decided to paint them as markers for the garden. I do not like to use the little plastic sticks showing what you have growing in the garden. I prefer to have something a little … [Read more...]

Kids’ Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Summer will be here before we know it! What activities will you fill your Summer days with? We usually brainstorm a list of activities that we'd like to do each Summer and I was totally inspired by this  video from "The Bucket List to do with Your Child Before They Turn 5" . I also like to have some "go to" activities for rainy days or times when the kids say they are … [Read more...]

8 Week Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge

  Spice up your Summer with The Activity Mom's 8 Week Summer Challenge! The challenge is to try one new activity each week. That's it! Guaranteed Summer fun! Each themed week (below) offers a list of ideas and pictures to inspire you and get you started. Week 1 - Painting Week 2 - Water Week 3 - Games Week 4 - Playdough Week 5 - Get Messy Week 6 - Pretend … [Read more...]

Simple Summer Water Play

painting with water

Simple Summer Water Play Don't feel like filling up the kiddie pool?  Try these simple and fun ways to get wet and stay cool with minimal preparation. Fence Painting.  Maybe it's Tom Sawyer syndrome, but I remember spending several hot summer days as a child "working" hard to paint our fence with water and a paintbrush.  Getting to use a real grownup paintbrush was … [Read more...]

Summer Travel with Kids

travel with kids

Our family is taking three pretty big trips this summer and I've been prepping for the past month! We have a one year old, three year old, and six year old to keep entertained.  Here are some fresh takes on favorite ways to make Summer travel with kids smooth and successful!  Organize with Soap Containers It can be hard to organize travel with kids. The Dollar Tree … [Read more...]

ABCs of Summer (printable)


With summer coming it’s the perfect time to start planning a few fun activities! Hang the ABCs of Summer list somewhere the kids will see it often. We put ours on the door that leads out to the garage. Each time you do an activity write it next to the corresponding letter.  B=bowling night L=library story time S= smores W=water balloons The activities can be simple! We … [Read more...]

Why Swinging is SO Important for Kids

Importance of Swinging

  Let the kids swing! Let them swing on their bellies, twist and turn, swing slow or fast, swing high or low. Just let them swing! Swinging is important for kids! Did You Know: Swinging strengthens your child's core and helps with the development of balance. The rocking motion of swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that helps you … [Read more...]

6 Quick Summer Activities for Your Toddler

Summer Activities for Your Toddler

Keeping my 2 year old busy this summer has been a fun challenge!  Here are six quick Summer Activities for Your Toddler that we both love! Summer Activities for Your Toddler  - Pom Pom Push  Flip over stacking cups (we like THESE) and have your tot push a pompom through the correct color.  I promise it'll be exciting as he "finds" the hidden pompom and it's really … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Games (printable)


If I could eat ice cream every day in the Summer I would and of course my kids would too! Lately, I've been adding a new flavor of International Delight creamer to my coffee, Coldstone Creamery ™Hot for Cookie ™, for an ice cream flavored treat. For the kids? Ice cream games! Now YOU can sit back, sip your coffee, and let your kids have fun learning with one of these 3 ice … [Read more...]