Practice Spelling Words with Water

Practice Spelling Words with Water

Need a fun way to practice spelling words week after week? Practice spelling words with water! This is a fun way to practice sight words, spelling words or just write letters and numbers. You can adapt this activity to any age, even toddlers who are beginning to draw simple lines and shapes! We like to fill our water table with water for this activity, but a simple … [Read more...]

100 Pool Noodle Activities

pool noodles Activities

100 Pool Noodle Activities for you and your children Stock up on pool noodles now and take a look at my Pinterest board for over 100 Pool Noodle Activities! From learning activities to games and Science experiments to crafts there will be something you just HAVE to try! From DIY costumes to parent hacks, these 100 Pool Noodle Activities are for you! … [Read more...]

Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play is a fun way to keep your toddler cool this summer! My son would play with the hose all day if we let him, but of course we limit it to a short period of the day. This is an activity that he absolutely loves and it keeps him cool during the hot summer days. We line up cups of different sizes on the ground. Then we turn on the hose, just so it's trickling … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Contain Messy Play

Messy Sensory Play

"Uh-oh, mess!" was one of my daughter's first and favorite things to say. I know that messy play and exploration is fabulous for her development - and it's lots of fun for her! However, I am SO not a fan of cleaning up the mess. So I've found a few ways to keep the mess contained without stealing all the fun! Take it outside -  This may seem obvious, but messy play is a … [Read more...]

Simple Summer Water Play

painting with water

Simple Summer Water Play Don't feel like filling up the kiddie pool?  Try these simple and fun ways to get wet and stay cool with minimal preparation. Fence Painting.  Maybe it's Tom Sawyer syndrome, but I remember spending several hot summer days as a child "working" hard to paint our fence with water and a paintbrush.  Getting to use a real grownup paintbrush was … [Read more...]

Squirt a Shape Bath Game

Shapes Bath Game 1

This simple bath game was a big hit in our house this week! I got some brightly colored foam sheets from the Dollar Tree and cut them into the simple shapes we had been learning.  She loves "sticking" them to the walls, taking them down, and putting them back up. Once she had some shapes up on the tub walls, I gave her the baster and asked her to squirt the circle.  Then I … [Read more...]

Water Themed Summer Challenge – Week 2


Spice up your Summer with The Activity Mom's 8 Week Summer Challenge! For each of the 8 weeks of Summer we will challenge you to try one new activity. Pick one activity from the themed list and try it any time during the week. That's it! Guaranteed Summer fun! We'd love to hear how it goes. Summer Challenge - Week 2 - Play with Water and Ice Pick one to try this … [Read more...]

DIY Water Run


I always try to add a new twist to the playing and learning that happens at our water/sand table. I've tried water beads, a frog pond theme, and this time I decided to make a DIY water run to encourage the kids to experiment and pretend. Empty International Delight coffee creamer bottles, water bottles, and a milk jug were the perfect size and shape to make the water … [Read more...]

Sink Play


 Both of our kids, 5 years old and 2 years old, have spent hours playing in the sink lately. Sink Play has turned into a fun activity. *They've filled the sink with plastic ocean animals and pretended they were rescuing them or washing them. *They've pretended to be scientists with water, soap, and cups. *They've "made" soups, desserts, and drinks with their pretend … [Read more...]

Water Play


Ever since LM was just one years old, his favorite activity has been water play.  It may appear that during water play that all children are doing is getting wet and splashing, when in actuality a lot of learning is taking place. Learning can occur in a variety of areas during water play.. science, math, creativity and more.  Recently, I read a wonderful article titled … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Play with Water


Kids of all ages love water! Inside or outside, here are creative ways to play with water. Indoor Water Factory Lay out a towel on the kitchen floor (so they're still near you), and put out a plethora of bowls, muffin tins, measuring cups, bowls of ice, and of course... cups of water. Lots of mixing, stewing, and creating will ensue! Blow Up Pool M (almost … [Read more...]

Learn and Play with Water Balloons


There are many ways to take a fun summer pastime and turn it into a learning opportunity for our kids, learn and play with water balloons! All children love water balloons! At least my children are itching to get their hands on them once the weather starts getting warmer. Color Sorting - I had a green, a blue, and a pink bucket on hand, so I chose these colors for … [Read more...]