Winter Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids

There might be times that the only way that you can get a child to eat and enjoy their vegetables is by teaching them the process of growing their very own garden. Gardening is an experience that any child can take a great amount of pride in and they have the ability to learn valuable lessons on the growing cycle every step of the way. From the moment that you seed in the … [Read more...]

Snowflake Craft

Snowflake Craft

f   We all have Q-tips on hand. They can be cut and arranged to make this beautiful snowflake craft and they provide a great lesson about how God makes everyone different! Materials: Construction Paper Q-tips Glue Scissors Instructions:  Cut the Q-tips into various sizes. Keep some whole. Let your kids use their imagination to figure out … [Read more...]

“Frozen” Inspired Activities

frozen themed activities

We loved the movie Frozen. LOVED it! If you and your children feel the same way then you will have a great time with these Frozen inspired activities. Click on each activity title for directions and more information. Olaf's Summer Coloring Page Love this guy! I had to include it in the collection of activities. Printable Snowman Game (Many ways to … [Read more...]

Snowman Game (printable)

Snowman Colors

Kids of ALL ages will love the Snowman Game! It can be used to practice almost any skill, from letters and numbers to words and multiplication. Here are a few ideas to get you started:  Snowman Colors Game Feed your snowman snowballs (pom poms). Name the color of each snowball as you feed it to him. When he eats them all, you win! Variation: Use tongs or tweezers to … [Read more...]

5 Little Snowmen

5 Little Snowmen

5 Little Snowmen is one of our favorite Winter rhymes and is so fun to repeat and act out!   Download and print the 5 Little Snowmen Puppets. Cut out the snowmen and tape them to craft sticks or plastic spoons. Use your puppets to sing or tell the story of the 5 Little Snowmen (below). … [Read more...]

Cotton Ball Activities


Time for a snowball battle indoors... with cotton balls and these cotton ball activities. After using cotton balls for sensory play and an indoor snow battle, I was inspired to find more ways to use these soft, little white puffs!  Here are a few ways that we have used them as well as some ideas that I found while exploring. 1.Snowball battle indoors- throw as hard as … [Read more...]

Kids’ Snow Globe Craft


This simple snow globe craft was a fun excuse to get out the glitter. Cut out a white circle to decorate and a trapezoid shaped piece for the base of the snow globe. Your snow globe craft can work with ANY THEME! Christmas, Winter, family, Valentine's Day, birthday, alphabet, etc. I thought N was making our family in her snow globe, but then she announced it was … [Read more...]

Indoor Winter Activities


I live in California, where the weather is usually pretty mild, but I know other parts of the country might be dealing with lots of snow days (in our defense, we do get stuck inside when one of the kiddos gets sick!). You can only watch so many DVDs before the kids get antsy Here are some of our favorite Indoor Winter Activities. Sensory Fun Bring the sand and water … [Read more...]

Indoor Snowball Games


After reading a few snow themed books, we had fun playing with indoor snowball games! Have fun pretending with these two hands-on activities. Materials Styrofoam balls Paper cups small blanket Give each player a paper cup.  Toss the "snowball" to one of the players who tries to catch it in their paper cup. For little ones (17 months - 3 years), give … [Read more...]

Host a Winter Tot School


How much fun would it be to a host a Winter Tot School? Grab a few of your favorite tots, round up things you (probably) have laying around your house and get to learning! Trays are always a great thing to have out when hosting a play date because they can be rotated around and can be done independently or in pairs. 1. Winter Birds: I found some bird beads at a craft … [Read more...]

January Busy Boxes


We are still LOVING our busy boxes over here!  About twice a day, G (20 months) will say, "Box?  Box?" and drag me over to the cupboard to select one.  So much fun! I switch out the activities once a month so here are some of our January Busy Boxes! First, I store them all in a cabinet that is at his level (the 10th one must have been in use when I took this picture! … [Read more...]

Make a Snowman (inside)


Want to make a snowman that doesn't melt? Make a snowman inside! To make this indoor snowman wrap three different sized boxes in white paper. I used wrapping paper with the white side showing and the patterned side against the box. However, the texture of the wrapping paper makes it hard to use washable markers. If possible, wrap it in construction paper or craft … [Read more...]