Winter Activities


With the weather getting colder, you might be looking for a few indoor, Winter Activities to occupy and challenge your toddler. Set up these winter themed activities and watch your little one explore and learn! Snowball Hide Grab a pill box (mine was from The Dollar Tree) and some small pompom "snow balls."  Tots have to exercise those finger muscles to open the little … [Read more...]

Snowflake Games


We used these snowflake games to work on numbers and learning to spell. Simple to set up and easy to play. Recently I used this extra snowflake border I had with N who is learning to spell her name.  I also made few quick games for B with the border. You can do this with any type of paper, not just borders. Fill in the missing number (shown above) and match the word … [Read more...]

Melt an Ice Cube Game

melt an ice cube game

B and I played this "Melt an Ice Cube" game from My Montessori Journey and loved it!  Roll the dice, refer to the chart to see what to do with your ice cube (things like hold it in your hand, drop it in water, sprinkle salt on it, etc.), and whoever melts their ice cube first wins. So fun! Materials Needed: Melt an Ice Cube Printable Chart bowl of … [Read more...]

Seasons Clothing Sort


I found this Seasons Clothing Sort at Montessori For Everyone. I thought it would be an effective way to illustrate winter vs. summer (in Texas we don't see much of a seasonal change outside so clothes seemed to be a good example). This printable includes all four seasons and clothes that go with them. A fun song to go with this activity....... Winter, Spring, Summer, … [Read more...]

Paper Snowflakes Using Cupcake Liners


Day 13 of the Activity Advent Calendar - Make Paper Snowflakes Using Cupcake Liners We used cupcake liners to make these simple snowflakes. Fold into quarters and cut. The cupcake liners are great to use for this because of how thin the paper is which makes it easier to cut through the layers and also that they are already in circles which saves time. Then I found … [Read more...]

Inside Water Play


Too hot or cold to go outside? Need something for your child to do while you cook or clean? Inside Water Play is the perfect thing! Materials: Shower curtain liner, water toys Spread out a shower curtain liner in your kitchen (or over any tile). Fill up a few bowls or buckets with water and give your child kitchen utensils or water toys to play with. Clean up is … [Read more...]