Homeschool Field Trip Form

Homeschool Field Trip Form

After moving back to Southern California, we purchased Disneyland annual passes. When I homeschooled the girls last year, we made the most of our time, and our passes, and spent a few “field trip days” at Disneyland. Use whatever venue you like to visit in your city as your inspiration to create your own scavenger hunt! It can be a big park like Disneyland, your local … [Read more...]

Toddler Activities in a Britax Car Seat – Giveaway


Check out these road trip activities and leave a comment for a chance to win $50! You have a safe and comfortable car seat, every item you need is packed, you've prepared the perfect play list, and you are ready to hit the road. Wait! You need these 8 Toddler Activities that are perfect to work on in a car seat! Stickers Stickers are perfect for kids of all ages to … [Read more...]

Tin Foil Craft

Tin Foil Craft

Today, I needed a quick craft to distract my kids and keep them busy while we waited to leave the house. I got an idea about a simple, tin foil craft to decorate the table for Christmas dinner. N got to work making name cards for the table and then made different Christmasy shapes out of tin foil (present, tree, santa hat, ornament, etc.). I think her plan is to set … [Read more...]

All About Me Poster

All About Me Poster

Put your junk mail to good use and make an All About Me poster! Armed with a stack of grocery flyers, toy store ads, circulars and a few simple art supplies, your preschooler can make a cool poster AND he'll get some hands-on sorting practice, a key early math skill. What You Need: Junk mail ads (grocery circulars, toy store advertisements, etc.) Newspaper Safety … [Read more...]

Favorite Christmas Tradition


Yesterday, I shared the Christmas Tradition I wished I NEVER had started. Today I want to share a Christmas tradition my friend Jill shared with me many years ago.  7 years later, I am SO happy that I am still carrying on this tradition. The handprint tree skirt is my favorite Christmas tradition! The kids love to trace their hands and I love to get it out every year and … [Read more...]

The Christmas Tradition I Wish I Didn’t Start

Christmas Tradition

This time of year is full of Christmas traditions. It is a busy time, a special time, a time of memories and fun! When I think back to when my children were really little, I remember wanting to create family traditions that we could continue year after year. Something they would ask about every year and have fond memories of. So I did. Some traditions we have are awesome and … [Read more...]

2016 Activity Advent Countdown


My annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown is back! It includes ideas, printables, and resources from around the web to make counting down to Christmas with your toddlers and preschoolers fun and educational! Paper Plate Angel Make and Play with Gingerbread Playdough Christmas Tree Alphabet Match (printable) Burlap Wreath Ornament Jingle Bell Painting … [Read more...]

Laundry Room 10 Frames

laundry room 10 frames

Just a quick fun way to practice a little math, while still being able to get the laundry done! I purchased a set of jumbo magnetic ten frames from Lakeshore Learning, only to realize they were too large for the mini magnetic whiteboard I had purchased. So I decided to try the washer and dryer instead and it was so much fun!! Who knew you could use Expo dry erase markers on the … [Read more...]

Artist Study – Piet Mondrian


A Homeschool Artist Study - Piet Mondrian In our homeschool we did an artist study, learning about different artists and then creating a piece in the likeness of that artist. Piet Mondrian was an artist my girls had learned about in preschool and LOVED, so we decided to add to what they already knew and study him again! Check out books from your local library, and use the … [Read more...]

Cheesecloth Ghosts


Making Cheesecloth Ghosts is a fun and easy Halloween craft – so easy, my toddler was able to make her own, along with her big sisters! Be sure to allow enough time for the ghosts to dry overnight before decorating Here’s what you’ll need: Sta-Flo liquid starch cheesecloth (available at craft stores and some grocery stores) a glass Mason jar balloons a … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Seed Counting


Getting ready to carve your pumpkin? Before you do, get ready for some pumpkin seed counting! Grab a pumpkin, large or small and before carving, make some estimations about its size. How many inches wide is it? How many inches tall is it? How long is the stem? How many seeds do you think are inside? Remove all the seeds from inside the pumpkin, and using … [Read more...]

Beanie Boo Graphing


My girls are HUGE Beanie Boo fans, and once you collect enough, it’s really fun to create simple learning games using them. Try Beanie Boo Graphing with this birthday graph and your beanie boos! First, write each month or abbreviation on a post it note and have your child start sorting each Beanie Boo into piles, based on their birthday – which can be found inside the Ty … [Read more...]