Practice Spelling Words with Water

Practice Spelling Words with Water

Need a fun way to practice spelling words week after week? Practice spelling words with water! This is a fun way to practice sight words, spelling words or just write letters and numbers. You can adapt this activity to any age, even toddlers who are beginning to draw simple lines and shapes! We like to fill our water table with water for this activity, but a simple … [Read more...]

Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids


Pokemon is all over the place, including our house! Here are 12 awesome Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids that you will LOVE! Use this FREE, printable to make your own DIY Pokemon Cards. This is my FAVORITE Pokemon idea from And Next Comes L because my kids will spend hours creating and trading these cards. She also has a printable for designing your own pokeballs. LOVE … [Read more...]

Fall Crafts for Kids


There is something about Fall weather that makes me want to hunker down and do a craft together. Here are three of our favorite Fall Crafts for Kids.... Fall Cardboard Craft for Kids This is such a simple and fun craft for children of all ages! You can do it with a Fall shape (like this witches' hat) or any themed shape. Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for Kids This is … [Read more...]

Euchre for Kids


Growing up in Michigan, Euchre was the card game everyone played. It isn't the easiest game to learn, but once you did, it is SO fun! Here are the Rules for Euchre. Euchre for Kids If you already play euchre, your children probably want to join in and really be a part of the fun, so this Euchre for Kids chart will help. My son (9), has found it really helpful. Print this … [Read more...]

Box Tops at H-E-B

Box Tops at H-E-B

What can I do to help my child's school? It's Back to School Time! I often hear people (including myself) asking, "What can I do to help?" There are so many ways to help your child's school whether it is making copies, helping in the classroom, or volunteering for the PTA. Collect Box Tops at H-E-B One of the easiest ways I've found to help and make a difference is … [Read more...]

Pokemon Craft

pokemon craft

  These pokeballs are such a fun Pokemon craft! They are perfect to make on a rainy day or at a Pokemon themed party and with the current Pokemon Go craze, this Pokemon craft is a hit with all ages! Materials: styrofoam balls paint paint brushes craft foam (optional)   Add multiple coats of paint to the styrofoam. We added a circle piece … [Read more...]

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Treasure Hunt for Kids

Kids love treasure hunts!  Even with the simplest of prizes, the excitement of clues and racing around keeps them asking for more. I've made a DIY treasure hunt before and it was fun, but it took some planning and organization which made me not want to create one at the spur of the moment very often. Treasure Hunt Problem: The planning and organization it takes to create a … [Read more...]

Kids Free San Diego

Kids Free San Diego

Growing up in Arizona, an annual trip to San Diego meant one thing – the beach!! Now that I am a mother of 3, and living in South Orange County, San Diego is so much more! It’s fun to rediscover a city, and San Diego is such an incredibly family friendly vacation spot. Whether it’s a quick day trip or an extended weekend getaway, there are more activities to do, than time … [Read more...]

Olympics for Kids

olympics for kids

Olympics for Kids Take advantage of the Olympics excitement by having an Olympics for Kids at your house! The more the kids are involved in the process of organizing it, the better!  I used blue painters tape to make a "balance beam" on the floor (pictured above). My kids would mimic the gymnasts on TV and have their own competitions. Eventually it turned into part of an … [Read more...]

Shopkins Themed Dice Game

Shopkins Dice Game

How to Play: Download and print the Shopkins Themed Dice Game Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – Shopkins, cereal, m&ms, blocks, pom poms, etc. Encourage your child to cover the pictures working top to bottom, left to … [Read more...]

Recipes for Beginning Readers

Cooking to Learn eBook

Do you have a beginning reader (interested in trying to read, can identify a few sight words, and uses picture clues while reading)? It can be hard to find interesting material for beginning readers to have fun reading that are at the right level (not too difficult). That's why I developed these recipes for beginning readers. They are heavy on picture clues, repeat common … [Read more...]