50+ Activities for Toddlers


The most common question The Activity Moms are asked is "What can I do with my toddler?". Here are a few purposeful activities for toddlers. (Scroll all the way down for a link to ALL of our toddler activities.)  Note: The ages listed are just a guide. Your 14 month old will probably still love the 12 month old activities and might also enjoy a challenge of some of the 16 … [Read more...]

19 Month Old Learning Activities


G is 19 months old and this may be my very favorite age! He LOVES sitting down to "do work" together so we spent the month exploring lots of new learning activities.  I found these 19 month old learning activities to be super fun for a tiny tot! 1. Peg Board: We have THIS peg board and chunky pegs and I highly recommend it!  Not only is it great for fine motor skills, … [Read more...]

Learning Activities for 18 Month Olds


A variety of learning activities for 18 month old toddlers. These are perfect for helping a young toddler develop lifelong skills.  G is 18 months old and is in the midst of a language explosion.  He loves repeating the last words of my sentences. So as he's working, I've been making sure to narrate what he's doing as he does it. Styrofoam   Grab a … [Read more...]

Early Learning Activities for One Year Old’s


A collection of early learning activities for one year old's. It's never too early to start teaching your child.  I often get asked what the "right" time is to start playing with our tots in a more structured, focused way. I don't have an exact answer, since every child is so different, but for us, the window for learning really opened around 14 months of age.  Naturally, … [Read more...]