Laundry Room 10 Frames

laundry room 10 frames

Just a quick fun way to practice a little math, while still being able to get the laundry done! I purchased a set of jumbo magnetic ten frames from Lakeshore Learning, only to realize they were too large for the mini magnetic whiteboard I had purchased. So I decided to try the washer and dryer instead and it was so much fun!! Who knew you could use Expo dry erase markers on the … [Read more...]

Adding with Legos

Adding with Legos

My son is really hands on and has really been interested in addition lately. When we are working on new concepts or even reinforcing ones we have previously worked on I like to try to incorporate their interests. Well, my son loves to build so we tried adding with Legos. Materials needed: Paper Marker Legos Dice   So I started by writing down the addition … [Read more...]

Minecraft Dice Game

Minecraft Dice Game

  Minecraft has become quite popular with my son.  I made this Minecraft Dice Game to sneak in a little addition practice with a Minecraft twist. This can be a 1 player game or a 2+ player game (just print one set for each player). I love that both kids can play the same game and work on different skills. My daughter tries to earn all of the cake ingredients using … [Read more...]

Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids

Make math experiences fun with these Math Games, organized by age from Toddlers to Age 6. Early Toddler DIY Baby Abacus Roll and Count (Early Toddler Game) Count and Sort Preschool Wonder Pets Dice Game (printable) DIY Bottle Top Counting Cards Parking Lot Number Practice Roll a ____ Dice Games Preschool … [Read more...]

H-E-B Buddy Buck Activities


If you live in Texas, you know all about H-E-B and Buddy Bucks. Here are some of our favorite H-E-B Buddy Buck Activities. My kids both LOVE to get Buddy Bucks! I should confess that Buddy Bucks are what makes our shopping trips easier. I often remind the kids (when they are arguing or in each other's space in the cart) "That is not Buddy Buck Behavior!" and it helps … [Read more...]

Pizza Math


One way to make math fun is by using hands on materials. This pizza math game is perfect for counting, adding and subtracting, or learning fractions! How to Make the Pizza: Materials: A cardboard circle from a frozen pizza Glue gun Colored Construction paper Using a ruler, I divided the circle into eight equal parts.  Next, I glued the colored paper and then cut … [Read more...]

Simple Addition/Subtraction Game


This is a simple addition/subtraction game to introduce simple addition, subtraction, and combinations of 10. Materials: paper plate (write the number 5 on it) counters (we used large wooden beads) index cards (with numbers 1-5 written on them) Adding Game Directions: Start with 5 counters on the plate. Pick an index card (from a pile or bag) and add that many … [Read more...]

The Bean Game (Combinations of 10)


The Bean Game is a fun way to experience combinations of 10. Materials: a cup, 10 beans (any kind), sharpie marker Preparation: Color one side of each bean black How to Play: Shake your beans in your cup and dump them out onto the table. Sort the beans into two piles, one pile for the beans that flipped to the black side and one pile for the beans that flipped to … [Read more...]

Math Water Bag


This Math Water Bag activity combines math and listening skills. I drew a line down the middle of a ziplock bag and filled the bag with water and 5 beads. I would say "Can you put 1 bead on this side and 4 beads on the other side?" This activity introduces and enforces the different combinations of 5. It would also be a great activity to practice with "left" and "right" … [Read more...]

Add It!


I found this Add It game at Confessions of a Homeschooler and she generously offers it as a free printable. This is how you play "ADD IT": Pick a flash card, put it on the right side of the game board. Use counters to put next to each number. We used buttons. Use the "Add It" scooper to push the buttons down, count them and put the answer on the flashcard. Let me … [Read more...]