Water Phonics

Water Phonics

It's summer. It's hot. Really really hot. I also have a 3 year old who has no interest in being indoors. So we are outside a lot. He also is really into learning letters now that he has his name mastered. Therefore, I give you our version of Water Phonics. You basically only need two things: sidewalk chalk and a water squirter of some sort. We hit up the dollar store for … [Read more...]

Free Toddler Alphabet Activity

Free Toddler Alphabet Activity

School is off to a good start this year. My two year old is adjusting to being at home without big sister and big brother to keep her entertained. Now that we are getting settled into our new schedule, I have found that Miss C likes to be busy and enjoys learning about everything around her. There are so many things she is noticing and wanting to know more about. One concept … [Read more...]

Rings and Things Phonics Game

Blending Sounds Phonics Game

I found a set of plastic rings at the craft store (You may also find these at party supply stores.) and put together a fun phonics game to help my daughter both sound out simple words, and then blend the sounds together to read the word. I collected some tiny objects from around the house. My daughter is just learning to read so I started with simple 3 and 4 letter … [Read more...]

Learning Letter Sounds with Tiny Objects

Tiny Objects in Alphabet Drawers

You've heard The Activity Moms rave about tiny objects and how our preschoolers and even older children LOVE them! And we love how much they can LEARN with them! We've used our tiny objects in a toddler activity (also great for busy bags) to match a few tiny objects to their beginning letter. We've filled our alphabet drawers with tiny objects. The easiest … [Read more...]

Dot Marker Printables from A to Z

printable dot marker pages

Are you looking for FREE dot marker printables? Here's a list of free, printable dot marker pages from A to Z. Find pages to print that match your child's interest or use this list to compliment your letter of the week. Ways to Use Dot Marker Pages 15+ Ways to Use Dot Marker Pages from Gift of Curiosity Using Dot Marker Pages with Counters and Manipulatives Toddler … [Read more...]

Alphabetized Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Sensory Tubs from A to Z

Sensory Tubs are so much fun for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (moms too)! Your child will scoop, pour, experiment, and discover all sorts of things from colors and shapes, to magnets and ecosystems all while developing fine motor skills.  Explore with a purpose or have fun pretending. The possibilities are endless! Below are hundreds of sensory tub themes organized … [Read more...]

Alphabet Puppy Play

alphabet puppy play

 Alphabet Puppy Game In an effort to expose my daughter to the alphabet in a fun, pressure-free way, I've been working to integrate it into our play.  This week we have been learning about pets, so I made these ABC dog bones to feed our "pet" puppy! As my daughter "feeds" them to the stuffed puppy, I say the letter name and she repeats it after me.  Sometimes we look for a … [Read more...]

Alphabet Basketball

Alphabet Basketball

This gross motor, Alphabet Basketball game was a hit with my two year old! You need: Two baskets or buckets 26 ping pong balls Permanent marker An energetic toddler or preschooler! Write one letter on each ping pong ball. (I got mine at the Dollar Tree.) Put all of the letter balls in one of the two buckets and place the empty bucket across the room. Have … [Read more...]

Apple Alphabet Play

Apple Picking Alphabet Play

I have just started exploring the alphabet with my curious two-year-old.  Whenever she sees writing she points and says "ABCs!", so I figured now was as good of time as any to embrace that curiosity and have some fun with letters. This apple alphabet picking game is a simple, no-pressure way to explore the alphabet with your little one. To prepare this activity I made some … [Read more...]

ABCs of Summer (printable)


With summer coming it’s the perfect time to start planning a few fun activities! Hang the ABCs of Summer list somewhere the kids will see it often. We put ours on the door that leads out to the garage. Each time you do an activity write it next to the corresponding letter.  B=bowling night L=library story time S= smores W=water balloons The activities can be simple! We … [Read more...]

Personalized Friendship Bracelets

DIY Friendship Bracelets

With the end of the school year approaching, these personalized friendship bracelets are a fun way for kids to make small gifts for their classmates while working on letter sorting and lacing beads! We used this cord (found at Walmart) and alphabet beads. There are NOT a ton of vowels in each bag, so if you are intending on making words or names, buy 2-3 bags. You can … [Read more...]

Kids’ Activities using Old Magazines

Activities with Old Magazines

The New Year organizing bug has hit my home (better late than never, right?) and I find myself just looking for ways to get rid of "stuff" we have laying around.  One thing I have a difficult time letting go of is old magazines.  I hate just getting rid of them!  That got me thinking about all kinds of ways they could be used with my toddler, as well as older … [Read more...]