Alphabetizing with Beanie Boos

alphabetizing with beanie boos

So much fun and learning can happen with Beanie Boos! We've worked on graphing with beanie boos and now we are working on alphabetizing with Beanie Boos. It is an easy way to let children physically move objects around, to correctly place them in ABC order. Gather all Beanie Boos in a pile. Use as many as your learner is ready for – you can start with a small pile and … [Read more...]

Holes in the Alphabet


This Holes in the Alphabet pre-writing activity is a great alternative to tracing! Write letters on pieces of construction paper. Have your child poke holes on the lines of each letter with toothpicks (going in the same direction you would to write the letter). Holding the toothpick also helps prepare your child to hold a pencil in the correct way. This could also be … [Read more...]