Activities for Your Baby

Activities for Your Baby

Your baby is constantly learning through the world around him. Provide activities for your baby to experience. Here are 19 baby activities that we love! **Click on the pictures to learn more about each activity.** After you've checked out these activities for your baby, take a look at my Baby Activities Pinterest Board for more ideas!        … [Read more...]

1 Year Old Activities with Boxes

1 Year Old Activities with Boxes

All you need are boxes to keep your 1 year old entertained! 1 Year Old Activities with Boxes My 1 year old loves to color, but when I give him paper he tends to get more color on the floors or table he is working on. I found a perfect solution to this problem. I take an old cardboard box and let him go to town on it. The raised surface keeps crayon marks off of the floor and … [Read more...]

Playing with Baby

Playing with Baby 6

My little guy (Baby G) is 11 months old and is BUSY.  He is constantly on the go, exploring and crawling and dumping things out.  But about once a day, I look for quiet time to sit with him and explore a new skill together.  They may be tiny but their minds are WIDE open to learn! I grabbed some of Big G's chunky tools and put a few play nails in the play wood.  I showed … [Read more...]

50+ Activities for Toddlers


Activities for Toddlers is organized by age and is an amazing resource for Moms of little ones to make learning fun and to keep toddlers engaged in fun activities. The most common question The Activity Moms are asked is "What can I do with my toddler?". Here are a few purposeful activities for toddlers. (Scroll all the way down for a link to ALL of our toddler … [Read more...]

Balancing Activities with Multiple Kids


One of the questions The Activity Moms get asked most often is "How do you juggle activities with children of different ages?".   Balancing Activities with Multiple Kids In my home, we have M that is 5, G that is almost 2, and baby G that is only 2 months old.  When it was JUST M, we never had a problem balancing activities but when G was ready to enter the learning scene, … [Read more...]

Baby’s FIrst Sensory Tub

Baby's first sensory tub

I think N is ready for a sensory tub. Here is baby's first sensory tub: I gathered large buttons, extra large pom poms and a mold (for sorting) and let N experiment with and enjoy her first sensory tub. At first she was only interested in finding all of the buttons and putting them in the mold. Then, she had a great time scooping and pouring the pom poms with a cup.  I … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – Magnets and a Muffin Tin


photo courtesy of Baby Brainstorm This is such a neat idea from Baby Brainstorm! Your baby can experiment with things that are magnetic, work with one to one correspondence, and practice putting in and taking out all with one activity. Simply put a magnet in each spot and let your baby play. An older sibling might have fun with this too. They can put the magnets in rows by … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – First Word Flashcards


I saw this idea on how to make your own First Word Flash Cards at seven-thirty-three. Hers are personalized for her son and she also makes a case for them. Too cute! Check them out. photo courtesy of seven-thirty-one I can't wait to try something like this with N when she is a little bit older. I also think it would be neat to make them in a 4x6 size and put them in a small … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – Texture Ideas

Baby Activity - Texture Ideas On last week's Baby Activity post, I asked for help with texture card ideas to use with baby N when she gets a little older. You guys gave me some great ideas and I can't wait to give them a try! (I want to do them all!) After that post, I saw a couple of ideas on other blogs for using different textures that I wanted to share with you. This … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – Valentine Songs and Rhymes

Valentine Songs and Rhymes

  Valentine Songs and Rhymes are perfect to sing with your toddlers and preschoolers in February or all year long! Do You Know My Valentine? (to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man?") Do you know my valentine? My valentine?My valentine? Do you know my valentine? S/he's wearing (a/an) [color] [article of clothing]. For example, "He's wearing a gray … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – Valentine Handprint Keepsakes


I know parents love their kids' handprint crafts regardless of their age or size of their handprint, but there's just something about an itty bitty handprint keepsake that melts my heart! Here are a few ideas that I found online that would be so cute to use for a Valentine Handprint Keepsake: Handprint Heart – from Activity Village Handful of Love Card – from … [Read more...]

Baby Sign Language


I didn't teach B baby sign language. Now I'm wondering whether it is something I should try with our little girl that is on the way. photo courtesy of I've seen my friends have great success with it! During my online "research" (really I only googled it a few times) I found out the signs to teach first are milk, more, eat, and all done and you can start as … [Read more...]