20 FREE Printable Busy Bags

FREE Printable Busy Bags for Kids

Here are 20 free printable busy bags full of fun kid's activities! Perfect for traveling and quiet time.  Busy Bags (or Activity Bags) are a popular item to make and use with toddlers and preschoolers while traveling, waiting, or during quiet time! Busy Bags range from things you have on hand like activities or puzzles to things you prepare ahead of time like crafts or DIY … [Read more...]

December Busy Boxes

december busy box 1

It's Busy Box time!  With me teaching part-time and my mother-in-law watching the boys, these boxes have become even more valuable!  They are packed and ready to go, which is a great thing for both the 2 year old and the Grandma! Here are the December Busy Boxes we have been using: G (2 years old) LOVES open and close type activities but it's up to me to keep it new … [Read more...]

November Busy Boxes

November Busy Boxes 1

G loves his Busy Boxes oh-so-much! Here are our November Busy Boxes: 1. Transferring pompoms into a paint tray with a long-handled spoon 2. Pushing the peg through the wood (Dollar Tree) and then balancing a marble on top of the peg 3. Play dough and new tools 4. Sort pebbles by size (big and small) and balance on popsicle sticks 5. Magnet play with wands and … [Read more...]

Babysitters and Learning Activities

Babysitter Learning Activities

When M was born (6 years ago!), I quit teaching.  I LOVED teaching but my heart was at home with her.  We made it work for a long time but recently, an AMAZING part-time reading specialist position opened up AT HER SCHOOL and I accepted. But, it means leaving Big G (2 years old) and Little G (8 months) Mondays through Thursdays. Grandma is watching them and mentioned that … [Read more...]

Letter Puzzles

DIY Letter Puzzles

While your preschooler is learning letters, add a fun challenge with these DIY letter puzzles. Materials: craft sticks, permanent marker   I used foam craft sticks (from a dollar store) for our puzzles, but any craft sticks, popsicle sticks, or strips of cardboard would work. Use whatever you have on hand. I looped a piece of tape on the table and stuck the craft … [Read more...]

Host an Apple Themed Tot School


Fall is coming!!  While it doesn't necessarily mean cooler temps (for us, at least!), it does mean a shift from sun and sand to leaves and... APPLES!  We had so much fun hosting an apple themed tot school, and maybe one of these idea may inspire you, too! Tonging apples is so much fun!  I keep my eye out at the Dollar Tree for tiny acrylic apples.   Pair those with some … [Read more...]

July Busy Boxes


With the weather being so gorgeous out, we haven't been doing AS many busy boxes as usual.  But, here are the July Busy Boxes we have set up for this month! I popped a package of sparkly glitter glue (Dollar Tree) and rolled up some paper to stick in a box.  He LOVED squeezing the glue and it was relatively mess-free.  Even M had to get in on the action (especially now … [Read more...]

Travel Dice Game


After making a Little Pet Shop Travel Play Set and a Lego Travel Set from mint tins, I couldn't resist the urge to make a Travel Dice Game too! Number stickers 1-6 and put them in the bottom of the tin. You will need 6 magnets and 1 die. For a challenge use numbered stickers 2-12, 11 magnets, and 2 die. How to Play:   Dice Game 1-6 Roll the die. Cover the number … [Read more...]

Beach Themed Learning Trays


G (2 years old) absolutely loves when I have learning trays set up for him in the morning.  Since the weather has been so warm lately, the beach has been a fun place to visit.  I created some beach themed learning trays for us to work on together! I used a divided plate from the Dollar Tree and labeled it "Living" and "Not Living."  Then, I put some magnets (also from … [Read more...]

June Busy Boxes


I love stocking Busy Boxes for G (2 years old) because they provide him with activities that can be done independently (like when I'm feeding baby G) or they are things we can do together.  Here are the new ones we have out this month. Felt is so much fun!  I have a big felt board from Lakeshore and love to make felt play pieces (though I'm pretty sure you can buy … [Read more...]

May Busy Boxes


It's time for another month of busy boxes!  I swapped out four old ones for these new May Busy Boxes:  Art One of G's favorite busy boxes is Play-doh, followed closely behind by markers and crayons (especially the markers!).  I've been trying to find other art-centered boxes and was so excited to find some of these paint with water books in the Michael's dollar section. … [Read more...]

April Busy Boxes


We've had some FUN, April Busy Boxes!  Everything is colorful this time of year and G is all about colors so I tried to do some color themed activities. Color Box I taped a color sheet into the bottom of the box (I made this one on the computer) and filled the busy box with tiny, colorful objects.  He has to sort the colors onto the circles.  I will say that … [Read more...]