2016 Activity Advent Countdown


My annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown is back! It includes ideas, printables, and resources from around the web to make counting down to Christmas with your toddlers and preschoolers fun and educational! Paper Plate Angel Make and Play with Gingerbread Playdough Christmas Tree Alphabet Match (printable) Burlap Wreath Ornament Jingle Bell Painting … [Read more...]

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunts for Kids

The other day we were driving home and I gave the kids a challenge to each find 3 different types of Christmas lights. They loved it and now they ask for a Christmas light challenge each time we get in the car. I was running out of good ideas so I searched for inspiration to print and keep in the car. Either I will look at the lists and give them 3 things each to look for on … [Read more...]