Coloring Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Coloring Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Coloring Easter eggs with toddlers can be tricky. You want them to have the experience, but you could live without the mess. Here's a different way to color Easter eggs that is perfect for your toddler AND kids of all ages! Not only will you end up with beautiful, colored eggs, but also with colored rice to play with later! Fill plastic containers 2/3 full of uncooked … [Read more...]

10 Easter Activities

10 Easter Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

  Easter is quickly approaching. Here are The Activity Moms' top 10 FAVORITE Easter Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers: Easter Egg Counting Decorate paper Easter eggs with the corresponding number of stickers. Easter Egg Puzzles FREE! Download, print, and play. Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt Fill your eggs with puzzle pieces and have an egg hunt … [Read more...]

Learning Activities with Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Compound Words

You might have enjoyed our Foam Easter Egg Decorating, Easter Egg Color Matching, Easter Egg Counting, and Easter Egg Letters. Now here are some learning activities with Easter eggs for your older children. I picked up a pack of these foam eggs from Target, but all of these learning activities can be done with construction paper eggs cut into pieces. Easter Egg Compound … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Letter Activity

Easter Egg Letter Activity

Use stickers to practice forming letters in this Easter Themed Letter Activity. Cut out egg shapes from construction paper. Write one letter on each egg. I wrote "Easter", but you could also write your child's name. Use stickers (any small sticker will work) to trace each letter.   … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Color Matching

Easter Egg Color Matching

  Cut eggs from different colors of construction paper. Use whatever stickers you have on hand.  Decorate each egg with matching colored stickers. Not only is this a creative color matching activity, but it is great for fine motor development as your child manipulates the stickers. … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Counting

Easter Egg Counting Activity

  Easter Egg Counting and Decorating Cut out eggs from construction paper and number them. Encourage your child to decorate each egg using the number of stickers shown on the egg. I love how quick and easy this activity is to set up. It was a fun opportunity for N to practice identifying numbers and counting. … [Read more...]

Puzzle Egg Hunt

Puzzle Egg Hunt

You can have egg hunts all month long without having to fill the eggs with candy or cheap toys. The trick....a puzzle egg hunt! Stuff the eggs with 2-3 puzzle pieces and hide them around the house or yard. Some puzzle pieces may be too large to stuff in the eggs, but the 100 piece puzzles seem to be the perfect size. Go on an egg hunt. After you find all of the eggs, dump … [Read more...]

Foam Easter Eggs

Window Painting

  For the whole month of April my kids have decorating eggs on the brain! They can't get enough. These foam Easter egg decorations are the perfect supplement to dying and decorating real eggs. Materials: craft foam, scissors, water, paint brush Cut out foam Easter eggs from craft foam. Cut out other random shapes to decorate the eggs with such as lines, … [Read more...]

Host an Easter Themed Tot School


Are you ready to host an Easter-themed tot school for your little friends?  Grab some plastic eggs, take a trip your dollar store, and you'll be good to go! Emotion Eggs These eggs came from Target and they're so fun for teaching emotions.  Children can just explore them, they can make matches, they can grab the one you request ("Can you find an egg that is ANGRY?"), or … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Activities – Making Words (printable)


I put a few CVC words and pictures inside plastic Easter eggs for B to work with. He loved it! He would pour the letters and picture onto the table, say the name of the picture aloud, and then put the letters in order while saying each sound. He had so much fun with it that he requested to try "silent e" words next. Here are the printables we used for this … [Read more...]

Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)


Easter is right around the corner!  Have fun stretching your child's creative thinking skills with these Easter themed story starters. 1. Twas the night before Easter... 2. I couldn't believe my eyes. My Easter basket was filled with... 3. Easter morning, I looked out my window and... 4. Crack, crack, crack... suddenly one of my Easter eggs started to move! 5. Oh no! The … [Read more...]