Easter Estimation

Easter Estimation

I love to make a teachable moment out of just about anything, so when it’s time to change my seasonable centerpiece, that’s exactly what we do! All you need is a clear glass container to hold a candle, and jellybeans…the more the better! We usually hit up the Dollar Store early in the season, because we use about 8-10 bags of jellybeans, and they can get expensive. You can … [Read more...]

How Many Steps Will It Take?


This How Many Steps Will it Take activity comes in handy when you are somewhere waiting and need an activity to cure boredom or pass the time. It is a simple estimating activity and can even be used for kids as young as 3. Ask the question, then count to find out. How many steps will it take to get from here to the door? How many steps will it take to get from here … [Read more...]

How Many? Introduction to Estimating


Introduction to Estimating Each morning for the past few weeks I've put a handful of something in a clear, plastic jar for our family to guess the amount of. So far I've tried 1-20 of the following objects: bouncy balls, dominoes, pom poms, noodles, coins, buttons, and ketchup packets. Dad has developed the role of putting ridiculous guesses down which we laugh … [Read more...]