Free Word Art

free word art

Are you looking for free word art to use for a gift or to frame in your house? Word Art is perfect for you! This is NOT a sponsored post. I discovered this site today and have printed free word art for my kids and each one of my students. So fun! You can even upload your own image to add words to. Customize any meaningful shape with important words. There are so … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments

Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments Gift Idea

Salt dough ornaments are an awesome keepsake for your little one's handprints, footprints, or for your dog's paw prints. Not only can you make your own salt dough ornaments, but you can also put the ingredients together for the perfect DIY gift (think Baby's First Christmas, Baby Showers, New Puppy, etc.)! Make Your Own Salt Dough Ornaments Combine 1 cup of salt and 1 … [Read more...]

Personalized Friendship Bracelets

DIY Friendship Bracelets

With the end of the school year approaching, these personalized friendship bracelets are a fun way for kids to make small gifts for their classmates while working on letter sorting and lacing beads! We used this cord (found at Walmart) and alphabet beads. There are NOT a ton of vowels in each bag, so if you are intending on making words or names, buy 2-3 bags. You can … [Read more...]

Personalized Gifts for Kids


I love GIVING gifts! Everything about it is so much fun for me, from picking out the gift and wrapping it to actually delivering it. The part I'm NOT good at (and that has actually become a running joke) is that once I find the "perfect" gift I have a really hard time not giving it to them right away or telling them what I got for them ahead of time. I've discovered that … [Read more...]

Grandparents Day Craft


Grandparents Day is nearing and we needed a cute, personalized way to say I Love You (that would also be easy to mail). This "I Love You This Much" card was the perfect Grandparents Day Craft. Have your child trace his hand (or trace it for them). Cut out the hand prints and decorate them. Write "I love you" on the first hand. Write "This Much" … [Read more...]

Wrapping Paper Activity


Get your gift ready with this DIY Wrapping Paper Activity that your little one and friends will love! I didn't have any "Birthday Girl" wrapping paper so I turned this lemon into lemonade (aka a fun activity!). I turned over a large piece of wrapping paper and let B go to town on the back with paint pens (love those!). I thought it turned out so cute.  He had a great … [Read more...]

Brainquest Questions

B got these Brainquest questions for his 3rd birthday (sorry about the terrible pictures!). I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm so happy with them! For the three year old version you look at pictures to answer the questions (examples pictured above). It's so interesting what you can discover while working with these questions. I found out that I need to be more specific … [Read more...]

Nursery Artwork


This piece of nursery artwork was created by my 3 year old for his soon to be born sister's room. Pick out a canvas size and paint colors that go with your nursery's color scheme. Paint the entire canvas using the darkest color. Let dry. Paint lines and dots with the next lightest color. Let dry. Continue painting lines and dots with each of the lighter … [Read more...]

Interview Your Child


Take time today to Interview Your Child (found on Giggles Galore). Asking these questions could be a tradition you do with each of your children at the beginning of every new year or on their birthday. Click on the link above to visit Giggles Galore to view some sample questions. Happy 2010! Because B is still so young and changing constantly, I've been interviewing him … [Read more...]

Felt Capes – Make Your Own


Make your own felt capes for your little ones with this easy tutorial and watch the creative play unfold! The thing I love most about B's age (2 1/2) is how he loves to pretend! B and his friend C spend tons of time saving animals (like Diego) or running and hiding from bears. On "Dora's Christmas" she wears a cape so I thought B would enjoy wearing one too. I found … [Read more...]

Simple Thanksgiving Cards


Our family lives across the country and we won't get to see them for Thanksgiving so B and I made some simple Thanksgiving cards to let them know we are thinking of them.  I painted B's hand and he stamped the paper to make a handprint turkey. On the inside I printed and glued this Thanksgiving Handprint Poem. B has been working on writing his name lately so I'm … [Read more...]

Baby Activity – Taggie Square


I would consider myself a step below beginner level in the world of sewing. Still, with this easy and simple tutorial, I was able to make a taggie square that my baby loved! I followed this tutorial to make a crinkly taggie square. A piece of plastic in the middle makes it sound crinkly.  I made one for our baby on the way and I made a few extras to put with baby shower … [Read more...]