Beanie Boo Graphing


My girls are HUGE Beanie Boo fans, and once you collect enough, it’s really fun to create simple learning games using them. Try Beanie Boo Graphing with this birthday graph and your beanie boos! First, write each month or abbreviation on a post it note and have your child start sorting each Beanie Boo into piles, based on their birthday – which can be found inside the Ty … [Read more...]

Monsters University Graphing (printable)


Do your kids love the movie Monsters University? If so, or even if they just love fruit snacks, here's a great Monsters University Graphing activity. I bought these Monster University fruit snacks the other day for a special treat and I decided to sneak in a little learning with them. We graphed the monsters in their packets once and they had so much fun with it … [Read more...]

H-E-B Buddy Buck Activities


If you live in Texas, you know all about H-E-B and Buddy Bucks. Here are some of our favorite H-E-B Buddy Buck Activities. My kids both LOVE to get Buddy Bucks! I should confess that Buddy Bucks are what makes our shopping trips easier. I often remind the kids (when they are arguing or in each other's space in the cart) "That is not Buddy Buck Behavior!" and it helps … [Read more...]

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!


Find a bag of shaped buttons at your local craft store and turn that one bag into unlimited fun with 15+ learning activities! Sort the buttons by shape. Sort the buttons by color. We used plastic lids as a sorting tool. Counting Buttons I used a this tray from the dollar store, but a muffin tin also works well for counting buttons. DIY Button … [Read more...]