Pet Rock Craft for Kids

Pet Rock Craft

This Pet Rock Craft is another fun outdoor activity that keeps on giving even after you've finished. It sparked my son's creativity big time! First you've got to collect your rocks. Next, we painted them and one day I'll remember to change his clothes first. You need to let the rock dry but considering its 103 over here that took about 2.5 seconds. When you decorate … [Read more...]

Minion Activities and Crafts

Minion Themed Activities and Crafts

We are Minions crazy at our house! Here's a collection of awesome Minion Activities and Crafts that your kids will love! Minion Activities   A Pumpkin and a Princess walks you step by step through how to make this Minion Slime. So fun! This would be a great party favor. This Minion Play Dough activity looks like so much fun from Learning for … [Read more...]

Tin Foil Craft

Tin Foil Craft

Today, I needed a quick craft to distract my kids and keep them busy while we waited to leave the house. I got an idea about a simple, tin foil craft to decorate the table for Christmas dinner. N got to work making name cards for the table and then made different Christmasy shapes out of tin foil (present, tree, santa hat, ornament, etc.). I think her plan is to set … [Read more...]

All About Me Poster

All About Me Poster

Put your junk mail to good use and make an All About Me poster! Armed with a stack of grocery flyers, toy store ads, circulars and a few simple art supplies, your preschooler can make a cool poster AND he'll get some hands-on sorting practice, a key early math skill. What You Need: Junk mail ads (grocery circulars, toy store advertisements, etc.) Newspaper Safety … [Read more...]

Cheesecloth Ghosts


Making Cheesecloth Ghosts is a fun and easy Halloween craft – so easy, my toddler was able to make her own, along with her big sisters! Be sure to allow enough time for the ghosts to dry overnight before decorating Here’s what you’ll need: Sta-Flo liquid starch cheesecloth (available at craft stores and some grocery stores) a glass Mason jar balloons a … [Read more...]

Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids


Pokemon is all over the place, including our house! Here are 12 awesome Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids that you will LOVE! Use this FREE, printable to make your own DIY Pokemon Cards. This is my FAVORITE Pokemon idea from And Next Comes L because my kids will spend hours creating and trading these cards. She also has a printable for designing your own pokeballs. LOVE … [Read more...]

Pokemon Craft

pokemon craft

  These pokeballs are such a fun Pokemon craft! They are perfect to make on a rainy day or at a Pokemon themed party and with the current Pokemon Go craze, this Pokemon craft is a hit with all ages! Materials: styrofoam balls paint paint brushes craft foam (optional)   Add multiple coats of paint to the styrofoam. We added a circle piece … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Christmas Ornament Crafts

Kid Friendly Ornament Crafts

Your toddler or preschooler will love to decorate the Christmas tree with their own handmade decorations and you will cherish these keepsakes in the years to come. Here's our 5 favorite Kid Friendly Christmas Ornament Crafts of all time: Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments Painted Swirl Ornaments Handprint Reindeer Ornament Popsicle Stick Ornament Candy Cane Ornament … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

Christmas Tree Art for Kids

  Children of any age will enjoy creating this Christmas Tree Art. What a great gift that kids can make for someone they love!   First, purchase any size/type of canvas from the craft store. It really doesn’t matter what size you use. Using painter’s tape, cut angled strips of tape that form an abstract Christmas tree shape and place the tape directly on the … [Read more...]

Kid Made Thanksgiving Placemats

Kid Made Thanksgiving Placemats

My girls LOVE to color so we turned these Kid Made Thanksgiving Placemats into something even cooler...Crayon Resist Placemats! I hope to make this an annual tradition. The first step is to color, having the kids use more pressure with the crayon so you can see and feel a “waxy build-up” on the paper. It doesn’t have to be so hard the crayons break, but the more wax, the … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Craft for Preschoolers

Fall Craft for Preschoolers

  This is a very inexpensive and easy Fall craft for preschoolers. It took a few days to finish, but the results were worth it! We started with about 4-5 different pieces of Halloween/Fall scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and then cut/tore out the individual images and designs we liked. Cutting was a great activity for my 4 year old to practice, as was tearing the … [Read more...]