Beanie Boo Graphing


My girls are HUGE Beanie Boo fans, and once you collect enough, it’s really fun to create simple learning games using them. Try Beanie Boo Graphing with this birthday graph and your beanie boos! First, write each month or abbreviation on a post it note and have your child start sorting each Beanie Boo into piles, based on their birthday – which can be found inside the Ty … [Read more...]

14 Month Old Learning Activities


Our little G is 14 months old and learning and playing with him is just getting so fun!  If you have a little one, check out some of these 14 month old learning activities that are keeping little hands busy and learning over here! Styrofoam Push I gave G a disk of styrofoam (Dollar Tree) and a golf tee (from his Papa's golf bag and dulled from time and use).  He … [Read more...]