Water Phonics

Water Phonics

It's summer. It's hot. Really really hot. I also have a 3 year old who has no interest in being indoors. So we are outside a lot. He also is really into learning letters now that he has his name mastered. Therefore, I give you our version of Water Phonics. You basically only need two things: sidewalk chalk and a water squirter of some sort. We hit up the dollar store for … [Read more...]

Learning Letter Sounds through Play

Learning for Letter Sounds

Use your little one's favorite characters or toys to make learning letter sounds fun! 1.  Gather up favorite characters.  You could use toys you own or printed pictures. We used a printable puppet playset from 1+1+1=1. 2.  On small pieces of paper, write the first letter of each character you have, and spread them out.  Castles, farms, or dollhouses work great for this!  I … [Read more...]

Learning Letter Sounds with Tiny Objects

Tiny Objects in Alphabet Drawers

You've heard The Activity Moms rave about tiny objects and how our preschoolers and even older children LOVE them! And we love how much they can LEARN with them! We've used our tiny objects in a toddler activity (also great for busy bags) to match a few tiny objects to their beginning letter. We've filled our alphabet drawers with tiny objects. The easiest … [Read more...]

Food Sorting Game – Order Up!

Order Up A Food Sorting Game

This sorting game can be played with any age group and any skill with your own play food at home! While playing outside in the cottage kitchen, we decided to cook up some special orders. I asked for foods that start with the letter “B” My daughter proudly served me bread, blueberries, burger, and a banana. Next up, I ordered a plate of “round foods” or foods in the … [Read more...]

Alphabet Crafts

Alphabet Crafts

I put together a collection of black and white alphabet pictures from A-Z (source: clker.com) to use for alphabet crafts. Alphabet Pictures A-Z (printable) There are so many ways you can use these pictures! Cut letters out of magazines (or cut words out of magazines and give your child a chance to cut the letters out themselves). Then, glue them onto the picture that … [Read more...]

Tiny Objects and Your Older Child


Tiny objects are EVERYWHERE in our house. Now that your child is older, here's how you can use them. Tiny Objects and Your Older Child We unrolled two felt mats and I put an F and an O on each one.  Her job?  Classify and categorize the objects based on FARM animals and OCEAN animals!  She would name an animal, figure out what letter it started with, and then search the … [Read more...]

Letter Sounds


Learning letter sounds is fun with tiny objects! Instead of focusing on the whole alphabet, start with just a few tiny objects and letter sounds. Sometimes sorting larger amounts of objects from our alphabet box can be overwhelming for N.  So I decided to set up a matching activity for her with just a few objects and letter magnets. It is easy to set up and it doesn't … [Read more...]

Our Alphabet Drawers


For Christmas, I made B this set of alphabet drawers. I bought the drawers at the hardware store and used address labels to label them. I filled the drawers with miniature items that begin with each  letter and used the extra drawers for digraphs and blends. You can use a single drawer and name each item as you put it under the letter, emphasizing the beginning … [Read more...]

Grocery ABCs


Grocery ABCs - Warning: This activity isn't for everyone! Only do this if you are ok with not having your groceries put away right when you get home. I wanted to stop about half way through, but at that point it was too late. As you are unpacking groceries, give your child a chance to group them by letter. For example, all of the items that start with B in a pile (shown … [Read more...]

Beginning Letter Sounds


Is your toddler or preschooler interested in exploring beginning letter sounds? This activity is for you! This activity happened on accident but turned out to be a fun one to work on together. Fold your paper into a grid and take turns drawing the letters and something that starts with that letter in each box. Inspired by our accidental activity, I cut a few … [Read more...]

Using Big Dice to Make Words


Using Big Dice to Make Words with Your Preschooler or Toddler I wrapped two kleenex boxes in construction paper and wrote consonants on the red box and word family chunks on the orange box (ig, at, op, og, it, an). Then B threw rolled the dice to make a word. We sounded it out together. Then I decided to take it one step further and write a list of words … [Read more...]

Awesome Letter Crafts!


I'm SO pumped up about these letter crafts found on Totally Tots (led by Jolanthe)! She features a letter craft (examples pictured above) and a book for each letter. My original plan was to do one a day just for fun, but B hounded me to do more than one per day and would have sat down and done them all if I would have let him. He even went as far as to put a cute pouty … [Read more...]