10 Easter Activities

10 Easter Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

  Easter is quickly approaching. Here are The Activity Moms' top 10 FAVORITE Easter Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers: Easter Egg Counting Decorate paper Easter eggs with the corresponding number of stickers. Easter Egg Puzzles FREE! Download, print, and play. Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt Fill your eggs with puzzle pieces and have an egg hunt … [Read more...]

Alphabet Puppy Play

alphabet puppy play

 Alphabet Puppy Game In an effort to expose my daughter to the alphabet in a fun, pressure-free way, I've been working to integrate it into our play.  This week we have been learning about pets, so I made these ABC dog bones to feed our "pet" puppy! As my daughter "feeds" them to the stuffed puppy, I say the letter name and she repeats it after me.  Sometimes we look for a … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Matching Games

Free Printable Matching Games for Kids

  Matching activities are a great first activity to try with your toddler and preschoolers love to match, sort, and play Memory with these cards. Here's a collection of 60+ FREE printable matching games for your preschooler or toddler: Matching Colors Bug Color Matching Pumpkin Color Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler Bird Color Matching Crayon … [Read more...]

Snowman Game (printable)

Snowman Colors

Kids of ALL ages will love the Snowman Game! It can be used to practice almost any skill, from letters and numbers to words and multiplication. Here are a few ideas to get you started:  Snowman Colors Game Feed your snowman snowballs (pom poms). Name the color of each snowball as you feed it to him. When he eats them all, you win! Variation: Use tongs or tweezers to … [Read more...]

2013 Activity Advent Countdown

Christmas Countdown 2

  My annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown is back! It includes ideas, printables, and resources found around the web to make counting down to Christmas with your toddlers and preschoolers fun and educational. 2013 Activity Advent Countdown 1. Toilet Paper Tube Tree Painting 2. Christmas Memory or Matching 3. Christmas Tree Sticker Matching 4. … [Read more...]

Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids

Make math experiences fun with these Math Games, organized by age from Toddlers to Age 6. Early Toddler DIY Baby Abacus Roll and Count (Early Toddler Game) Count and Sort Preschool Wonder Pets Dice Game (printable) DIY Bottle Top Counting Cards Parking Lot Number Practice Roll a ____ Dice Games Preschool … [Read more...]

Picture Rhyming Cards

picture rhyming

We've worked with rhyming cards before, finding which 2 out of 3 rhyme.  This time I printed a set of cards from Teach Mama and we worked on finding the matches. I like both ways of working with rhyming. The more practice the better! … [Read more...]